The agreement between socialists and separatists is much worse than expected

TREASON: Pedro Sánchez hands over Spain and the rule of law to the fugitive Puigdemont

Today the pact between Pedro Sánchez and the Socialist Party (PSOE) with the fugitive Puigdemont has become known, and it is much worse than expected.

The Spanish Judiciary describes the pact between the PSOE and Puigdemont as “a flagrant attack on the separation of powers”
Almost 3,000 Spanish judges denounce that the pact between the PSOE and the fugitive Puigdemont “breaks the separation of powers”

An act of treason against Spain and the rule of law

The Pact (can be read here) not only includes an amnesty for the crimes of separatist leaders and activists, already sentenced or under investigation (including crimes of terrorism), but also expressly opens the door to a separatist referendum, allowing a fugitive from Justice to be in a position to break national unity and demolish the rule of law in Spain strong>.

This pact is openly an act of treason on the part of its signatories, but especially on the part of the acting president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, who promised to comply with and enforce the Constitution. This pact is a radical attack on the Constitution, since it widely violates it by accepting the demands of those who carried out a separatist coup in 2017, and above all it is an attack against the unity of Spain strong>, not only because of its intention to break it, but also because it includes demands that would lead to privileging a Spanish region at the expense of all the others, granting more power than ever to the most disloyal of all governments regional.

A coup d'état against which the Spanish must continue protesting

This agreement also shows the extent to which Pedro Sánchez's ambition reaches and his desire to demolish our democracy to remain in power, at any price and at the cost of a very serious risk. And this pact threatens to provoke a serious civil confrontation in Spain, especially taking into account that this agreement to demolish the rule of law and national unity has been agreed upon by a party, the PSOE, which lost the July general elections.

In this sense, and in view of the contents of the pact, it can only be described as a full-fledged coup d'état, with which it is intended to use the power still held by the government in office to burst the seams of our democracy and open the door to a form of government outside the democratic parameters, something in which socialists already have great experience. Faced with this coup d'état, we Spaniards must continue protesting in the streets: Spain and our democracy are at stake.


Photo: PSOE.

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