The socialist leader allowed himself to be humiliated by the separatists

A mafia pulls Pedro Sánchez's strings and makes an exhibition of domination with him

There are many people who believe that wealth is the vice par excellence of humanity, the vice most capable of corrupting a person.

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Pedro Sánchez is isolated and inaccessible but there are little Pedro Sánchez very close to you

Certainly, the insatiable thirst for wealth can generate many evils, but it is not the most dangerous vice that humanity suffers from. There is a much worse vice: the thirst for power, often linked to the thirst for wealth, but not always. The possibility of dominating other people and manipulating them at our whim is a temptation that we have suffered since our childhood and against which many of the efforts are directed (or should be directed) when educating a child. .

The extreme cases of being in power occur among those who enjoy it in greater doses: the rulers. The damage that a power-hungry ruler can do is enormous, and that is why humanity has been concerned about putting limits on political power. However, there is a way of exercising power that is difficult to limit because it is protected by secrecy: an example is the mafia, which is capable of doing anything to subject others to your wishes.

Yesterday, at the beginning of the investiture session in the Congress of Deputies, the mafia attitude of some Spanish politicians came to light, an attitude that until now had been protected by the secrecy of a negotiation perverse in which Sánchez and his Socialist Party have marketed with our Rule of Law to obtain the necessary support to remain in power.

This Wednesday, many Spaniards will have attended, perplexed, the embarrassing spectacle of separatist politicians who threaten the government and they presume to subject him to their whims, and all this in exchange for support for the re-election whose bill all Spaniards will pay, and not only in the form of taxes, but also in loss of freedoms.

I am 47 years old and I never imagined that a politician would allow himself to be humiliated like Pedro Sánchez did yesterday in exchange for getting his re-election. He had no qualms about being treated like a simple puppet by some separatist deputies who have put on an exhibition of domination over him and who presume to exercise that control over him, without any dissimulation. If I were a PSOE voter, I would feel a mixture of disgust and anger when I saw how the socialist leader allowed himself to be bossed around by those who hate Spain, by those whose sole purpose is to sow discord and destroy coexistence among the Spanish. A mafia that doesn't even bother to be discreet: it likes to show off its power.

It must be said that Pedro Sánchez and his fellow party members did not give me any grief. The socialists have been exhibiting mafia-like behavior in Spain for decades, abusing their power, appropriating all kinds of public institutions and putting them at the service of their partisan and private interests, without any dissimulation. What we saw yesterday in Congress is a mafia exhibiting its control over another mafia, a pathetic and shameful scene that exposes the political scum to which we Spaniards are subjected.

I emphasize that last thing, in case anyone finds it amusing to see gangsters exhibiting their fantasies of domination among themselves, in what was supposed to be the seat of national sovereignty, in a Congress in which we the citizens were not the subjects, but rather the represented. From now on that is over. The humiliation that the socialists suffered yesterday at the hands of their separatist masters is only a slight reflection of a much greater humiliation: the one that millions of Spaniards are going to suffer from the socialist butlers of the separatist caste .

The servility that Sánchez exhibited yesterday will be compensated with more doses of domination over his subordinates, starting with his party colleagues and ending, in a long succession of ass-lickers, in the apparently weakest link of the chain: the Spanish people. And I say the most "apparently weakest" because Sánchez has at his service all the State's tools of coercion, tools that he does not hesitate to use against the people, as is being seen these days in the streets of Madrid.

However, a people of free men and women is only weak if it allows itself to be defeated by a tyrant, if it allows itself to be dominated by fear and renounces defending its dignity and freedom in exchange for power. do not fix your uncomfortable gaze on him. But many Spaniards have made it clear that we are not willing to live on our knees before any tyrant, and even less so before a wretch who has traded with the unity of our Nation and with the pillars of our democracy to continue in the easy chair Sánchez can be very clear that this citizen rebellion is going to continue, and each day of this legislature is going to feel longer than a month of the last legislature. This has only been the beginning.


Photo: Efe. Gabriel Rufián, ERC deputy, passing next to Pedro Sánchez in the Congress of Deputies.

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