His party colleagues will have to listen to the complaints directed at him

Pedro Sánchez is isolated and inaccessible but there are little Pedro Sánchez very close to you

There was a time when Spanish socialists had the friendly and close Nordic socialism as one of their references.

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The PSOE changes the Nordic model for the North Korean model

The idea that Spain had of Nordic socialism was that of rulers who walk down the street like any other citizen. A very egalitarian idea but one that is far from the customs of the Socialist Party (PSOE) in Spain. In June, its general secretary Pedro Sánchez, went to a famous television program and did so accompanied by 90 agents, two units of canine guide units and eight vehicles. The producer of the program was surprised by this excessive display.

These days, in the protests against the socialist attack on the rule of law in Spain, the government has ordered the police to cut off an entire street to prevent protesters from getting even close to the headquarters of the Socialist Party(PSOE). A crossing located 35 meters from the socialist headquarters has even been blocked, completely surrounded by the Police. Spanish socialism seems to have changed the Nordic model for the North Korean model.

Sánchez and his vicious circle of isolation from reality

Pedro Sánchez has entered a vicious circle that distances him further and further from the street: he surrounds himself with bodyguards and does not allow anyone to get close to him, exhibiting an atrocious fear of his own people, and the few times he appears surrounded by people is in propaganda montages using members of his party as if they were people on the street. This voluntary isolation from the daily reality of Spain has led Sánchez to make a decision that seriously damages our democracy and national unity without caring about the complaints, because in the end he will not suffer them he. The citizen anger generated by this measure encourages Sánchez to isolate himself even more and will push him to take increasingly hateful measures. And start again.

Socialist officials will have to stand up for Sánchez

The problem that does not seem to matter to Sánchez is that there are many socialist officials who do have to show their faces to their voters, whether they are national, regional or provincial deputies, regional presidents, mayors, councilors and other positions of the PSOE. There are no bodyguards to isolate so many members of the socialist elite from the world, unless Sánchez has in mind to build an exclusive city for them and for them to dedicate themselves to exercising their respective responsibilities from a distance. That problem is already generating some changes.

The socialist Abel Caballero showed his support for the amnesty

We have an example in my city, Vigo. Abel Caballero governs with an overwhelming absolute majority and is a very close mayor, who attends all kinds of events. Also, is a member of the national executive of the PSOE. Let us remember that on October 28, the members of that executive applauded Sánchez when he announced the amnesty law. Three days later, Abel Caballero defended the amnesty that destroys equality before the law and the separation of powers, and that it will force the Galicians to pay part of Catalonia's debt with the State.

Abel Caballero delays the Christmas lighting and moves it to a Friday

Abel Caballero is well known for his taste for Christmas lighting, an issue that he has been using as a personal promotion campaign. The problem is that this year the lighting of the lights will coincide with the protests in the streets against the PSOE coup. Abel Caballero knows what he is exposing himself to, because although he has many voters in the city, there are many of us residents of Vigo who are outraged with the authoritarian attitude of his party.

Maybe for fear that some neighbors are going to make a fuss, this year the Christmas lights will be switched on on a Friday and will be days later than other years. In 2022 it was held on November 19, a Saturday, a day that allows for a greater influx of people. This time it will be on November 24, perhaps hoping that the people's great anger over the PSOE's attack on the Rule of Law has already passed. Let us remember that this Saturday, November 18, there will be a large demonstration against the amnesty in Madrid, and setting the event for that weekend would be a magnet for protests in Vigo.

We have the opportunity for Abel Caballero to listen to us

Obviously, the residents of Vigo are not going to have the opportunity to tell Pedro Sánchez to his face what we think about his attack on the rule of law. But we do have our little Pedro Sánchez very close to us. Sánchez is not going to listen to us, but we have the opportunity for Abel Caballero to listen to us, even if it has to be at a Christmas lighting ceremony. No one will be able to claim that whoever goes to protest will be ruining Christmas: these holidays have already been ruined for us by Abel Caballero's party, signing a pact with the separatists that seriously threatens coexistence between Spaniards, puts at risk national unity and destroys the pillars of our democracy. The least we can do is complain.

PSOE officials will have to defend Sánchez's personal benefit

The case of Vigo can occur in any other part of Spain. Sánchez will not listen to the inhabitants of many places in the country, but the local leaders of the PSOE will have to listen to them. Sooner or later they will schedule an event open to the public and in which people willing to attend can attend. express your complaintabout the serious attack that the socialists are carrying out against our constitutional framework. While Sánchez lives surrounded by bodyguards, it will be his party colleagues, the little Pedro Sánchez, who will stand up for him to defend an authoritarian measure, harmful to the general interest and whose sole purpose is to provide a benefit personal to Sánchez: stay in power at any price, passing the bill to all Spaniards.


Photo: PSOE. El alcalde de Vigo, el socialista Abel Caballero, miembro de la dirección ejecutiva nacional del PSOE.

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