Islamic fanatics claim the territories that Islam conquered in Europe

The conquests of Islam and the consequence of labeling the Jews of Israel as 'settlers'

For years, some media outlets and activists have had the habit of calling Jews living in Israel "settlers."

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A land inhabited by Jews for 1,879 years when Islam arrived

This custom insists on radically ignoring a historical fact: the current territory of the State of Israel has been inhabited by Jews for more than 3,000 years. Let us remember that the Hebrews crossed the Jordan River towards its western bank around the year 1240 BC. Throughout their history, the Jews suffered successive invasions in their land (Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamluks and Turks). These invasions caused the well-known Jewish Diaspora, which led the members of this people to move to other countries fleeing the invaders.

However, despite these invasions, there continued to be Jews in the land of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, although they became a minority, under Muslim rule. Until the 7th century, the ancient Kingdom of Israel was under the dominion of the Byzantine Empire, the successor of the Roman Empire in the eastern Mediterranean, but Muslims invaded the Holy Land in the year 639. Thus, when the Muslim Arabs invaded the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the Jews had already been living in those lands for 1,879 years.

The other military conquests of Islam in the Middle Ages

To give us an idea, the Roman Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula began in the year 218 BC, so that when the Muslims invaded ancient Roman Hispania in the year 711, the Hispano-Romans had been there for 929 years. The first Germans had arrived in Hispania in the year 409, so they had been there for 302 years at most when the Muslim invasion began.

Ancient Hispania was not the only territory conquered by Islam in those centuries. On this map of Simeon Netchev we can see the territories conquered by Islam between the 7th and 9th centuries. It contains some inaccuracies (for example, the Muslims did not occupy all of Galicia, but rather stayed at the gates of Mondoñedo), but the map serves to give us a good idea of the extension of Islam by force in territories that were not Muslims, including the lands of the ancient Kingdom of Israel.

This 3D4D map shows the conquests of Islam in Europe, again with some inaccuracies (Galicia appears as unoccupied). As we can see, the conquest reached the borders of the former Kingdom of Poland, which was the main bastion of Christianity in Central Europe, and even laid siege to the city of Vienna.

European countries claimed by Islamic extremists

The Christian kingdoms of Spain managed to expel the Muslim invaders in the year 1492, but in the Balkans the Ottoman presence lasted until the 20th century. Even today, Turkey preserves the region of Eastern Thrace, conquered in 1453. Many Islamic authors and activists consider those that you see colored green and red as their legitimate lands, and they dream of a new Muslim invasion that would help recover what they lost in the Middle Ages. For them, the "settlers" are the Christians of Spain, Portugal, France, Andorra, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary.

In case anyone thinks that being an inhabitant of one of those countries and not being Christian exempts them in this matter, it should be noted that for these Islamic extremists the problem is us Christians and any other European who is not Muslim . And in case anyone hasn't heard, among those Islamic extremists is Hamas.

In 2006, Hamas called to recover "Al-Andalus", and in 2017, Daesh terrorists made the same call. Although some in Spain believe that they only refer to Andalusia, in reality "Al-Andalus" is the name given by Muslims to the entire Iberian Peninsula. For these Islamic extremists, Spanish and Portuguese, we are the next "settlers" in their sights. Think about it the next time you think of labeling the Jews of Israel that way.


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