Do you apply criteria to your vote that you wouldn't even accept for ice cream?

A simple explanation of what it means to 'throw away your vote' if you defend life and liberty

One of the most absurd ideas that can exist in a democracy is the one that is usually sold to us with the expression "throw away your vote."

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There are politicians who accuse you of "throwing away your vote" if you give your support to a party that does not obtain representation or that has a result that is lower than expected. There is something very common in these politicians and that is that they tend to dispense with almost all consideration of principles, because they have abandoned them and they no longer have anything to offer voters on that level. In this sense, when a politician wants to attract right-wing votes but without defending conservative approaches, "throwing your vote" would be voting for someone who defends the same principles as you.

It is an absurd situation. It's like if you go to a store to buy vanilla ice cream, because it's the one you like and you don't want to buy ice cream of any other flavor, and the ice cream man tells you that that's throwing away the ice cream. money because most people like chocolate ice cream more and you should buy this one. If this situation seems stupid when we talk about things as trivial as buying ice cream, why do so many people consider such a ridiculous argument reasonable when it comes time to elect their political representatives?

Let's transfer the example of ice cream to politics. There are many people who defend life and freedom. Regardless of what labels each one uses, I am referring to the defense of the culture of life against abortion and euthanasia -that is, the defense of human dignity against two of the most serious threats against it- and the defense of our individual freedoms, especially some such as religious freedom , freedom of education, economic freedom and ideological freedom, which are being trampled by socialism, political correctness and gender ideology.

Every time an election comes, it is outrageous to see that a party that calls abortion a "right" (as is the case of the Popular Party in Spain, which on this and other issues has assumed the ideological theses of the left) tells you that you are throwing away your vote if you support a pro-life party (as is the case of Vox, the only party with representation in Spain that opposes abortion). No: I, being pro-life, would throw away my vote if I gave it to a pro-abortion party.

Likewise, taking into account that I defend freedom and oppose the ideological nonsense of the left, I would throw away my vote if I supported a party that defends and imposes gender ideology, as it does the Popular Party in Spain has been doing for years in yet another of its surrenders to leftist dogmas, instead of giving it to a party that rejects that ideology (in this matter, Vox is also the only party with representation in Spain that opposes this nonsense).

Voters must remember that the purpose of an election is to vote for those by whom we feel represented. I cannot feel represented by any political party that supports abortion and gender ideology. Throwing your vote is voting for those who are going to trample on your principles in the institutions, even if they try to persuade you by saying that others would trample harder than theirs.

At this point we come to another electoral bait that is usually very effective: the "lesser evil". They suggest that we give our vote to a party that defends ideas contrary to ours, but that is less extremist than others. It's the old good cop and bad cop technique: one pretends to be your friend and the other pretends to be a tough and aggressive guy, so that you feel more inclined to trust the good cop, without realizing it. realize that they are both looking for the same thing.

What kind of "lesser evil" is it for a pro-lifer to vote for a pro-abortion party that is less radical than another? Do aborted children stay "less dead" when a moderate pro-abortion party governs, perhaps? Likewise, is the gender ideology imposed by certain parties that claim to be moderate less bad? In the end, it is the same one that extremists defend. The theory of the "lesser evil" has only served until now for evil to gain ground and for good to become increasingly cornered.

For my part, I am very clear: I defend life and freedom and I would throw my vote in the trash if it were given to parties contrary to my ideas. If a political party wants my vote, what it has to do is show me that it is willing to defend my ideas in the institutions. That's why I vote for Vox, because it defends my ideas. I don't care if it has more or less chances because certain polls say so, and even more so taking into account the major failures of the polling stations.

I started voting for Vox in 2014 and it did not obtain representation until four years later. Today I would continue voting for Vox even if it did not have representation, as long as it continued defending the same approaches as me. That is what is important to me.

Voting for a pro-abortion party would not only be a vote thrown away and a useless vote. It would be something worse: becoming an accomplice to those who attack what I try to defend. I refuse to do something like that.

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