Today they ask us for military help: 80 years ago others came to die for us

The moral debt that we Europeans owe not only to the heroic people of Ukraine

A few days ago, Ukrainian forces withdrew from the city of Avdiivka, turned into a pile of ruins by the Russian invaders.

The infamy that would be abandoning Ukraine and the effects that its defeat could have
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Avdiivka has been a pyrrhic victory for the Russian army. Putin's forces have suffered brutally exaggerated losses there given the strategic value of that city. However, one of the reasons for Avdiivka's withdrawal should alarm us: the ammunition shortage, mainly due to political disputes in the United States, its main supplier of military aid to Ukraine.

I find it certainly sad the damage that Russian propaganda is doing among US conservatives, with a case as clear as that of Tucker Carlson, who He has become a vulgar Putin propagandist and a simple pawn of the Kremlin's propaganda strategy to demobilize American aid to Ukraine.

Faced with the sad spectacle of US politicians, we Europeans should be the first to react, because the threat of Russian imperialism looms especially over Europe, and not only due to the possibility of an invasion in Poland and the Baltic republics, but also due to Russia's strategy to destabilize Africa, causing a massive wave of illegal immigration in southern Europe.

As you know, I really like history. I think she is a good teacher from whom we should learn a lot. This year will mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings. There is always one fact that has caught my attention about that decisive and bloody battle of World War II: thousands of Americans fought and died there, young people from the US and Canada; following the theses of nationalist selfishness that some try to disguise as patriotism, they didn't miss anything in Europe.

Those young people could have continued with their lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, without the misfortunes of Europe having affected them. However, they came to fight and die for our Freedom. Thousands of families in the US and Canada were destroyed so that we Europeans could be free. Today we are not subject to Nazi tyranny thanks, in large part, to the generosity of those young people.

In the US and Canada there were doubts then as to whether it was worth sending so many young people to die so far from their homeland for a war that, according to some, was not for them. When the American soldiers discovered the horror of the extermination camps, the cause for which they were fighting became very clear. They had not come to Europe to fight for geopolitical interests or for a political game that sought greater dominance of the world, as some still maintain. That was a fight against tyranny, against a cruel and ruthless power that had no qualms about murdering millions of human beings, including children.

This week will mark two years since the start of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have been fighting for two years not only against an invader who has attacked their country, in an attempt to appropriate territory that does not belong to them by appealing to false historical arguments. Today Ukraine is also fighting against tyranny, against a criminal dictator who imprisons his own compatriots for asking for freedom for Russia or for opposing that invasion. If Ukraine falls, that tyranny will be at the doors of our direct allies.

The heroic Ukrainian people have not asked any European country to send their army to help them. The only thing Ukraine asks of us is weapons and ammunition to defend itself. They put their lives. Ukrainians are fighting and dying to defend their country, and in doing so they are also acting for Europe as a dam against Russian imperialism. If some conservatives in the United States have forgotten the ideals on which their Nation was founded, We Europeans must take the initiative and make up for this reduction in US aid to Ukraine.

We Europeans not only have a moral debt with the Ukrainian people, for the sacrifice they are making to prevent the Russian threat from reaching our doors, but also with those young people on the other side of the ocean who came to fight for our Freedom. The bodies of those heroes are buried in several European cemeteries. Their blood and sacrifice cannot be forgotten and must remind us that if we are free it is because they did not decide to look the other way. Let us not be so reckless as to ignore Ukraine's request for help and risk that, sooner or later, it will be our voice that will have to ask for help again from our North American allies.


Photo: Robert F. Sargent. "Into the Jaws of Death — U.S. Troops wading through water and Nazi gunfire". Photo of the Normandy Landings taken on the morning of June 6, 1944.

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