Vox takes them to court and the PP criticizes Vox when asked about it

Vox vs PP: two very different ways of responding to tributes to terrorists

When evaluating a political party, not only its words should be taken into account, but also whether they are consistent with its actions.

The words of deputy Alcaraz denouncing the tributes to ETA murderers in Spain
Sánchez tolerates hundreds of tributes to terrorists but not an eagle of St John

The exhibition of photos of ETA terrorists in the 'Korrika'

A few days ago a series of races called "Korrika" were held in the Basque provinces and Navarra, races whose supposed purpose is to defend the Basque language but which are actually used to promote separatism. Covite has reported that in those races, 60 portraits of ETA terrorists were exhibited, a new series of tributes to that criminal gang allowed by the Pedro Sánchez government.

Vox denounces 'Korrika' for glorifying terrorism

This Friday, Vox filed a complaint against "Korrika" in the National Court, for the crimes of glorifying terrorism and humiliating the dignity of the victims, typified in Articles 578 and 580 bis of the Penal Code. Vox has denounced that "photographs of Txapote, an ETA terrorist sentenced by justice to more than 152 years in prison for his participation in murders and kidnappings, as well as those known as Jon, Xabier and Otsagi, among others. It should be noted that none of them has shown remorse for their actions, nor have they condemned those of the terrorist group ETA."

In its complaint, Vox has indicated that the exhibition of these photographs of terrorists expresses "total and absolute support for the murders they committed, despite having been condemned by justice, in many cases. cases several times, accumulating sentences of more than 100 years for it,", and that these tributes "spread a message of hatred and violence, which reaches the entire world, through dissemination in social networks, which conveys that violence, even extreme such as killing a person, could be an acceptable means to achieve their ends."

The PP criticizes Vox when asked about these tributes

This Saturday, a journalist asked the spokesperson of the Popular Party (PP), Borja Sémper, about the Vox complaint, and raised the possibility of a complaint by the PP against that event. In his response, Sémper stated: "with respect to Vox we have absolutely nothing to say. We are addressing all Basques and all Spaniards, not political formations that make the opposition to the opposition, which is what Vox is into."

Sémper continued by saying that "Basque is a heritage asset to be defended and promoted. Basque is a transversal asset that challenges us all. It is a cultural asset that we Basques have, which should be let's protect. All those who use a platform such as Korrika or Basque to do other things, are not only harming themselves but they are harming Basque. I ask the promoters of Korrika and to those who participated in this rally with photos of the prisonersto be aware that the person harmed is the Basque language, its good name and its good image, in Euskadi and outside of Euskadi."

You can listen to Sémper's response in this video, starting at point 13:46 (I have inserted it so that it starts playing when the journalist's question is heard; the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

Two very different ways of responding to tributes to terrorists

Thus, in the face of a clear public tribute to members of a terrorist group that has murdered 853 people, including 20 children, and whose crimes have left 6,389 injured and mutilated, what we have are two responses very different:

  • Vox files a complaint in the National Court, using the party's legal services to defend the law and the dignity of ETA victims.
  • The PP spokesperson criticizes Vox and begins to defend the Basque language, only to criticize the tribute at the end. And in that same statement he accuses Vox of opposing the opposition, which is precisely what Sémper had just done.

In the attitude of Sémper and the PP it is difficult to identify anything that resembles the work of the opposition. Faced with an event as scandalous as that of the tribute to terrorists in the "Korrika", the first thing that occurs to him is to criticize Vox, and all perhaps to cover up the shame that the PP does not go to court to denounce these events, as Vox has done, despite the fact that the PP has more means than Abascal's party.

The lukewarmness of the PP and the firmness of Vox

It must be remembered that when Jaime Mayor Oreja was president of the Basque PP, this party managed to obtain 19 seats and 23% of the votes in the Basque elections. After the defenestration of María San Gil, the last president of the Basque PP who opted for firmness against separatism, in 2008, the leadership of the Basque PP opted for lukewarmness and has been losing more and more votes, until remaining with 6 seats and 6.77% in 2020. Listening to yesterday's statements by Borja Sémper, one may wonder if the Basque PP has set out to further demoralize and demobilize its remaining voters.

Of course, Vox must be thanked for maintaining its policy of firmness against separatism and against ETA. In the Basque provinces and Navarra, this firmness is not only a moral duty towards Spain and the victims, but it also allows us to demonstrate who truly defends democracy and the unity of Spain against the heirs of ETA.


Photos: Vox / Partido Popular.

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