His government applies a double standard typical of authoritarian regimes

Sánchez tolerates hundreds of tributes to terrorists but not an eagle of St John

The clearest difference between a democracy and an authoritarian regime is that in the former we are all equal before the law and in the latter we are not.

After fining people for praying, Sánchez and his partners will legalize the glorification of terrorism
The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists

More than 1,800 tributes to ETA and Sánchez has not punished a single one

In the six years that the socialist Pedro Sánchez has been in power in Spain, hundreds of tributes to the ETA murderers have been held with impunity. They were 196 in 2018, 108 in 2019, 193 in 2020, 282 in 2021, 589 in 2022 and 466 in 2023. Even without counting those that have been held in these first months of 2024, there are already more than 1,800.

Looking at the figures, it is not difficult to imagine what the authorities' response has been: Pedro Sánchez's government has not prohibited or punished a single one of these tributes. It is not difficult to imagine the reason for the impunity that the coalition government of socialists and communists grants to those who praise these murderers: Sánchez governs with the support of the heirs of ETA and allows them everything, despite that the apology of terrorism continues to be a crime in Spain.

Sánchez intends to legalize the apology of terrorism

Maybe it won't remain a crime for long: in December 2023, Sánchez's communist partners asked to legalize the apology of terrorism, stating that the existence of this crime is to "repress the freedom of expression". This is an initiative that will likely have the support of the socialists. The PSOE already supported the legalization of this crime in 2018 and 2021, supporting two initiatives of his communist partners from Podemos.

Consents marches praising mass criminals like Lenin and Stalin

Along the same lines, the Sánchez government has authorized several times marches in Madrid carrying portraits of mass criminals such as Lenin and Stalin, marches called by communist organizations. It must be remembered that the Spanish Penal Code punishes the apology of the authors of crimes of genocide, but the Sánchez government turns a blind eye when the authors of this type of crime are communists.

Tolerates a monument to the murderer and torturer Che Guevara

On the other hand, the government has no objection to a monument to the murderer Che Guevara in the town of Oleiros (La Coruña), a monument that pays tribute to a criminal who tortured and He murdered political prisoners in Cuba, in the service of a dictatorship that still exists. The reason why Sánchez allows this is because that criminal, like his dictatorship, was of communist ideology.

His government intends to sanction a banner with an eagle of St John

Things change if we talk about people who are not left-wing. Yesterday the government opened a file against an Holy Week brotherhood in Málaga for displaying a banner that carries a small eagle of San Juan with the motto "One Great and Free." It is the same type of eagle and the same motto that appeared in the first copy of the Spanish Constitution. According to the government, this banner could violate the Law 20/2022 of "democratic memory", or rather of selective amnesia, because it does not punish those who praise left-wing criminals.

A sanction that is not contemplated by the law of 'democratic memory' itself

The government has not explained which article of the aforementioned law is violated by said banner. Regarding symbols, Article 62 of that law considers it a violation not to remove Francoist symbols "when they entail discredit, contempt or humiliation of the victims or their families". The mere display of a coat of arms from the Franco regime does not fall into that category. In fact, in 2022 a court considered the display of flags with that coat of arms legal.

The inconsistency of pursuing the eagle of San Juan but not the communist symbols

After all, communism has killed more than 100 million people but the display of its symbols is legal in Spain, so the mere display of a coat of arms Franco's symbol is not illegal and is protected by the same freedom of expression as communist symbols, with a nuance: not even if Franco had lived five lives would he have managed to kill as many people as Lenin killed during his dictatorship . And I'm talking about Lenin: Stalin killed many more.

So either the government prohibits tributes to ETA members, marches with portraits of Stalin and Lenin and communist symbols, or it will have to put up with Franco's coat of arms and flags, because what cannot be tolerated In a democracy, different legal standards are applied to one person or another depending on their ideology. The author's criminal law, which considers something to be a crime or not depending on who commits it, is typical of a totalitarian regime. A type of regime towards which socialists and communists They have historically shown a great inclination, such that they now intend to come and give us lessons in "democratic memory."


Photo: AFP.

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