He came to power with a coup d'état and his brutal regime committed genocide

PSOE, PP and other parties give up public buildings for tributes to the dictator Lenin

In Spain, due to the so-called "democratic memory law", tributes to Franco can be punished with heavy fines without going through Justice.

Lenin: numbers, data and images of the crimes of the first communist dictator
The 'Red October' of 1917: a coup d'état against a democracy, not against tsarism

Things change if we talk about communist dictators. In that case not only is there absolute permissiveness of the government, but also several political parties give up public buildings to celebrate tributes to the communist dictator Lenin, a mass murderer whose regime of terror killed more than a million people, a genocide, in addition to creating one of the largest networks of concentration camps in history, the Gulag , and a fearsome political police, the Cheka, specialized in the most horrendous methods of torture and murder. Let us also remember that Lenin came to power with a coup d'état that liquidated the newborn Russian democracy in November 2017.

This year is the centenary of Lenin's death and a Trotskyist communist organization, Izquierda Revolucionaria, has called for several tributes to that dictator and murderer, without any news about it having been published in the media so far. Communication. These tributes are being announced with this motto: "We need another revolution!", the same word used by the Bolsheviks to refer to that coup d'état with which they rose to power. power in Russia.

That organization published the planned events on April 5. The list includes tributes that will be held in public buildings dependent on municipal governments of the PSOE, the Popular Party, Bildu, PNV and Foro Asturias. The events planned in public buildings that appear on that list are the following:

I no longer expect anything from the far-leftists of Bildu, but how do PSOE, PP, PNV and Foro justify the transfer of those public spaces for these tributes to a dictator, genocidal and coup leader? Or perhaps the The only excuse is that he was a dictator, genocidal and a coup leader from the extreme left and then everything is forgiven?


Photo: Pavel Zhukov. Vladimir Lenin in July 1920.

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