The aggressors, which are the terrorist regimes of Iran and Russia, are allies

Israel and Ukraine, two nations attacked by terrorists while the West remains asleep

Last night, the terrorist regime of Iran launched a massive, indiscriminate drone and missile attack against the people of Israel.

Pedro Sánchez omits all criticism of Iran in his first message after the Iranian attack on Israel
The Israeli Prime Minister's statement regarding Iran's attack on Israel

The target of the Iranian terrorist regime has not only been the Jewish people who reside in what has been the historical home of their ancestors for three millennia, but also Christians, Muslims, Druze and members of other religious minoritieswho live in Israel as full citizens, enjoying freedoms in that country that citizens of Iran or any other country in that region do not have.

It must be said that it is not the first time that Iran attacks Israel, although it is the first time that it attacks that country openly and in an action that is a clear declaration of war which will have serious consequences soon. The Ayatollah regime has been waging war on Israel in various ways for 45 years, using intermediaries to do its dirty work while that dictatorship imposed brutal oppression on Persian citizens within its borders.

The Tehran regime has been the instigator, financier and supplier of weapons to terrorist groups that have been attacking Israel for decades: Hezbollah from Lebanon, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in southern Lebanon and Gaza, and Hamas, the criminal group that on October 7, 2023 perpetrated the largest massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust. The numerous victims of these terrorist groups are also victims of the Iranian regime, which is characterized by a fanatical hatred for freedom and a sick anti-Semitism, in addition to having been exhibiting the most repugnant denial of the Holocaust.

Of course, the terrorist regime in Tehran has not done this alone. It has international accomplices at different levels and these accomplices must also be denounced and fought. Among these accomplices are the dictatorships of Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Qatar and the Houthis of Yemen. Through the propaganda organs of several of these dictatorships, Iran has been extending its influence also in the West and has created links with far-left parties like Podemos, the puppets of Tehran in Spain.

cThe action and influence of the Iranian regime not only threaten peace in the Middle East. Last night Iranian drones were launched not only against Israel, but also against Ukraine, by the Russian invaders, who have been using Iranian weapons to massacre the Ukrainian people. The Moscow-Tehran axis is a terrorist axis, a perverse geostrategic alliance that seeks to generate instability through violence. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Russian propagandists are also Iranian propagandists.

This alliance should encourage many citizens of Europe and North America to reflect on the moment we are living through. Israel and Ukraine are fighting in their own defense against the aggressions of terrorist regimes that are allies. Both Israel and Ukraine have the right to defend themselves against these aggressions. Criticism from the US and other countries of the exercise of this legitimate defense by Israel and Ukraine has only served to encourage Iran and Russia in their wars against those two nations.

It would be a mistake for people in the free world to believe that these wars have nothing to do with us. Israel and Ukraine are defending Western civilization against barbarism, and instead of receiving all the support necessary to wage that fight, the only thing that some have contributed is criticism, especially in the case of Israel. If some governments want to remain asleep in the face of this terrorist attack against the West, the least they could do is not bother those who are fighting alone against the new barbarians.


Image: MrDm / Freepix.

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