He demands to have fewer children in the middle of the demographic winter

A Progressive Newspaper Names Families with Children as Guilty of Climate Change

Today there are media outlets that look like John Carpenter's movie "They live". Yesterday one of them put in a headline up to three verbs in imperative directed to its readers.

The Infamous Background of the Speech of Macron Linking Terrorism and Climate Change

A newspaper that proposed abortion as a remedy against unemployment in Spain

The journal in question is the Spanish newspaper El País, Spain's largest print newspaper, which maintains a markedly progressive editorial line and is owned by the influential Grupo PRISA. As you will remember, in 2014 that newspaper was the speaker of the American biologist Paul Ehrlich, a guy who proposes abortion as a remedy against unemployment in Spain: "Think of Spain. It has a 20% unemployment. With 20% fewer people, they would live much better," Ehrlich said from the pages of El País without any objection from the newspaper.

He orders to have fewer children to fight against climate change

Yesterday El País went back to the attack by spreading a grotesque study on climate change, titling it this way (with up to three verbs in imperative): "Become a vegetarian, leave the car and have fewer children if you want to fight against climate change".

The progressive daily is very concerned about the slam of the US president to the prophets of ecocatastrofism, so this time offers us a series of recipes to fight against climate change. And he warns: "The most effective require big changes in the Western lifestyle: with a vegetarian diet, regardless of the car and having a child less, you would not have to convince Trump." Specifically, PRISA's diary says that not having children would be "the one with the greatest impact" of all the measures a person can take: "The effect of not having a child almost leaves the graph, reducing emissions by almost 60 TCO2. It is the most original and risky estimation since it is based on the future emissions that would have caused that son, as well as those of his children and their children." In the end, El País and his friends seem to be served any excuse To convince someone to abortion, that is, as long as the reason for abortion is not to avoid having a daughter, because then El País speaks of "genocide" (he has not yet explained why a horrendous crime deserves such qualification when it is done with that motivation and not when it is done by any other: the victim is not always an innocent and defenseless human being, perhaps?).

In Spain there is only an average of 1.33 children per woman

El País carries the bulk of climate alarmism on children, but interestingly, it does not advise to stop buying newspapers, an obsolete communication model, anti-ecological and very polluting (its elaboration requires huge amounts of paper that are obtained from massive logging, and its daily distribution requires a large fleet of vehicles). In fact, Spain can be allowed to disappear printed newspapers, but not to stop being born children. In 2016 in Spain the birth rate was only 1.33 children per woman. As reported PRISA's own newspaper in June last year, more Spaniards are dying than they are born. We have started a demographic suicide, whose consequences will be much worse than the mere bankruptcy of the current public pension system.

What will happen if Spain does not solve its low birth rate?

There is a premise that the apostles of demographic suicide insist on ignoring: every economy needs human capital in order to thrive. Without children we go straight to the absolute ruin. To give us an idea, in 2013 Spain had a dependency rate of 51% (ie, for every 100 inhabitants there were 51 who were under 16 or over 64 years old and depended on the remaining 49 to survive). At that time we already had a fiscal effort of 40%. The less active population and the more dependent population there is, the greater will be the tax plunder. In 2010 the National Institute of Statistics (INE) published forecasts according to which the dependency ratio of Spain in 2049 will be 89.6%. That is to say, that the Spanish economy will consist of a very small active population, that will suffer an insorportable fiscal pressure to support a huge dependent population. If these forecasts are fulfilled, Spain will be a country that the most desperate immigrants do not want to come unless they are forced to work and to pay taxes without being able to enjoy any public service, which would almost touch slavery.

Replace the lack of births with Islamic immigration?

Our politicians should already be taking measures to promote birth in Spain, and not just in the field of public aid (this is not a problem that is solved by subsidies). Spain needs a cultural change that bets to promote nataluty within the framework of family stability. That is incompatible with continuing to promote a conception of the family as if it were a mere sexual or sentimental union, for which break all kinds of legal facilities. As professor Francisco José Contreras pointed out recently, family stability is one of "the necessary budgets for the sustainability of a free society." It is unrealistic to think about a prosperous future without remedying the serious crisis of values ​​that our society suffers. It takes courageous politicians - and courageous journalists too - to deal with this moral decadence. El País is no longer cowardice: it promotes an ideology committed to adjusting reality to hammering, to adapt it to its false premises, and cares that its dictates are leading our society through very bad directions. I wonder if El País wants to contribute to the collective suicide of the West to propose massive immigration as a emergency remedy. And not any immigration, of course. The Hispanic, for example, shares the same values ​​that we Europeans have. It is Islamic immigration that does not share our values, and is the one that is promoting progressivism, using it as an excuse precisely to undermine Western culture and especially Christianity, to which media such as PRISA directs an almost sickly hatred.

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