"We are facing a clash of civilizations," warns the Minister of the Interior

Poland Warns Brussels After the Attacks in Spain: “Europe Must Close its Doors”

Poland expressed its support for Spain after the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. In addition, the Polish government has called Europe for a reflection in relation to its migration policies.

Immigration Control and Jihadism: An Illuminating Map about Europe and Poland
Poland supports Spain against terrorism: "Europe needs to face such threats"

According to Visegrád Post, Polish Deputy Defense Minister Michał Dworczyk said Friday: "The terrorist attack in Barcelona is another proof that immigration policy and security policy must be conducted in a very thoughtful and responsible manner." He added: "The security situation in Poland is, among other things, the result of coherent government policy."

He refuses to admit to those who "do not want to belong to society"

"We are all shaken by the information that comes to us from Spain, and we share the pain of the families of the victims," ​​Dworczyk said. "However, we can not ignore the fact that we have a serious problem in Europe with the influx of illegal immigrants. It is a bad idea to invite people who can not be controlled, which can be a threat to EU citizens. I hope that these dramatic events will also be an opportunity to reflect for some officials of the European Commission and some EU political leaders, the opportunity to review their ideas on immigration policy and the forced relocation of people whose identity can not be established with certainty", said the deputy minister. "In Poland, we do not accept and will not accept the formation of enclaves with people who do not assimilate, who do not want to belong to society," Dworczyk said, reiterating Poland's refusal to allow the EU to impose a migration policy on the Slavic country, a policy that forms enclaves of immigrant population such as those already existing in France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain itself.

"We are facing a clash of civilizations," warns the Interior Minister

In the same line as the Deputy Minister of Defense, the Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak explained on the same day of the attack in Barcelona that "Poland is safe, does not face this type of situation, there are no enclaves where people who do not integrate with the country to which they emigrated". Błaszczak also pledged that his country will not give in to the demands of the European Commission for the forced relocation in Poland of mostly Muslim refugees. In addition, the Polish Interior Minister denounced that the European refugee relocation system is a mechanism "that incites millions of people to cross the sea to come to Europe", and that "this has a tragic end", as is being verified with the wave of attacks that Europe is suffering. Błaszczak was resounding: "this is a clash of civilizations, we must say it openly, and this is the problem of all Europe." In opposition to those who are in favor of an open door policy, which jihadists take advantage of to sneak into the continent, the minister stated: "Europe must close its doors."

"Being in the EU does not mean agreeing with the political correctness"

In connection with these issues, last May the Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, gave a very forceful speech in which he addressed the political leadership in Brussels: "I have the courage to say and ask the elites Policies of Europe an issue: Where are you heading? Where are you going, Europe? Get up from your knees and wake up from your lethargy, otherwise one day you will mourn for your children." Szydło warned that the current terrorist offensive is "an attack against Europe, our culture, our tradition," and raised the current dichotomy that Europe is facing: "If we want politicians who say that we have to get accustomed to the attacks, and call the terrorist attacks 'incidents', or if we want strong politicians who perceive the threat and can fight it effectively." Polish Prime Minister is blunt in the second group. In fact, in that speech and in the face of Brussels' threats of sanctions to reject his crazy immigration policy, Szydło blatantly challenged the EU's political elite: "Being in the European Union does not mean agreeing with the political correctness, but is to assume responsibility even when the political elite of Brussels can not take responsibility, blinded by political correctness and scared, even giving you all the time to snatch the weapon from his hand."


(Photo: Flickr of the Ministry of Defense of Poland)

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