What kind of love for his land is that which leads one to bring about its ruin?

A Question for Separatists: Has Anything You’ve Done Made Catalonia Better?

The Spanish unemployment data in October was known yesterdar, and the most striking fact is that Catalonia leads the job destruction in Spain, with its strongest rise in that month in the last 9 years.

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Investments and tourism flee from the instability created by separatism

The unemployment figures are one of the visible consequences of the legal insecurity, political instability and social tension that the separatist coup has generated. Another effect is that more than 2,000 companies have left Catalonia since October 1, including the two Catalan banks: Caixabank and Sabadell. Engaged in deceiving the Catalans to make them believe that independence would lead to an idyllic Catalonia in which all problems would disappear as if by magic, separatism said that this would not happen, and until a month ago denied a flight of companies, but the reality is much more stubborn than the most fanatical of the nationalists. On the other hand, hotel reservations in Catalonia have collapsed and for the first time in history Imserso’s trips (for seniors) to that community have not been able to cover their places.

They want to ruin the Christmas campaign with a creeping strategy formulated by Lenin

Even this situation does not rectify separatism. Yesterday, Joan Tardá, ERC separatist party spokesman in the Spanish Parliament, proposed not to install Christmas lights in the region until the release of former members of the Catalan government who are in a preventive situation, some politicians who have been charged for crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds: serious crimes that carry, each one separately, prison sentences. The Christmas lighting, in addition to an ornamental function, serves to encourage people to go out and shop in the darkest days of the year. The effect of Tardá’s proposal would be to further sink the Catalan economy at a time when many businesses tend to have their best sales. Tardá knows, of course. Like the rest of separatism and the far-left, ERC is committed to the creeping strategy of “the worse, the better”, a maxim formulated by Lenin to provoke misery in order to extract a political slice of the resulting discontent. A miserable and mean way to understand politics, intentionally seeking to harm the people to make them more receptive to the demagogic slogans of populist politicians.

Spain helps Catalonia and separatists say that “Spain steals us”

Sometimes I wonder what some people think of as supporting a process that is ruining their own land. Today Catalonia is the most indebted Spanish community because of the wasteful policies of the Catalan government. It is also the region with the highest debt per capita: each Catalan would pay 10,178 euros. Catalonia already has a quarter of the 286,000 million euros that totals the debt of all the Spanish autonomous communities. Since 2012, the government has injected 82,000 million in the community between bailouts and investments, but that has not served the separatists appreciate the help of the rest of Spain. Unlike. The messages of “Spain steals us” have continued to be launched from the separatist ranks to continue spreading a lie: that the fault of the problems of Catalonia is always the rest of the Spaniards, and not the separatist rulers themselves.

The real objective of the separatist coup: that corrupt politicians evade prison

These separatist politicians have managed to place Catalonia as the Spanish community with the most corrupt politicians prosecuted judicially and one of the regions of the European Union with the most political corruption. The volume of money plundered by Catalan nationalism is around 3,000 million euros. An astronomical amount that shows that these characters do not understand power as an act of service, but as a business. Those same corrupt politicians, who have profited at the expense of the Catalans for years, are those who now ask for independence to be able to avoid the action of Justice. In fact, the Transitoriness Law approved by the separatists at the beginning of September to launch their independence process, a law annulled by the Constitutional Court, included an amnesty for the separatist leaders involved in corruption cases.

Is the fault of the problems of Catalonia of others?

In view of the data that I have just quoted, I remembered a movie: “American History X” (1998). In it the American actor Edward Norton played Derek Vinyard, a member of a neo-nazi gang who is sent to prison for murdering a young black man. In prison, Robert Sweeney, director of his high school – played by the African-American actor Avery Brooks – visits the prison, hoping to change the young fanatic. There is a scene that I especially like. In a conversation between Sweeney and the neo-Nazi prisoner, the black professor tells him his own experience:

There was a moment like this, when I used to blame everything and everyone for all the pain and suffering and vile things that happened to me, that I saw happen to my people. Used to blame everybody. Blamed white people, blamed society, blamed God. I didn’t get no answers ’cause I was asking the wrong questions. You have to ask the right questions.

“Like what?”, the young neo-nazi asks. And the teacher responds: “Has anything you’ve done made your life better?” The young man does not know what to answer, and after a few seconds he shakes his head and asks the professor for help, between tears.

I love Spain and I have a great affection for my Galician land. This is where I would like to die and be buried, near my estuary. I understand that someone wants the best for their land, but I do not understand that someone feels more patriotic for hating others and accusing them of all possible evils. The best way to help make your land a better place is not to blame others for your problems, but to work to solve them. As Robert Sweeney asked the young Vinyard, today I would like to ask the supporters of that separatist coup: Has anything you’ve done made Catalonia better? Is Catalonia more prosperous today? Has cohabitation improved, perhaps? It seems rather the opposite. Catalonia suffers a climate of social tension and a political situation that threatens to lose its prosperity and its true freedom. Is this the paradise they promised you, the paradise you dreamed about? Do you want to improve your land by ruining it, excluding the one who thinks differently, liquidating the freedom to dissent and throwing away the prestige of Catalonia? What kind of “patriots” are those who want to turn your land into a ruin and a society on the verge of civil strife?

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