Infamous response of people who do not accept criticism of their ideas

An African Who Made a Video Against Catalan Separatism Is Attacked With Racist Insults

Cheikh Dieng, a Senegalese citizen, has posted an exciting video on Youtube on October 31 supporting Spain against the separatist coup in Catalonia.

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Dieng lives in Paris and also spent some months in Catalonia, he speaks Spanish very well and shows a great knowledge of the situation experienced in Catalonia. Your video already has more than 29,000 views. He has received many comments of thanks written by Spaniards, but in addition he is suffering racist attacks from users who do not admit his rejection of Catalan separatism. I have captured some of these racist attacks, which appeared in the last hours in the comments of his video, with texts like "bastard nigger, fucking fagot, go to eat land to Senegal, pig", "son of a bitch go home now that this out of the cage affects you, nigger shit", "black go shit", "go your country nigger", "a nigger giving historical lessons ... " You can see the captures here:

t is not strange to find signs of racism in the separatist movements that exist in Spain. Catalan nationalism has already flirted many times with racism, from a purely supremacist perspective. The founder of the Basque Nationalist Party, Sabino Arana, made racist comments considering inferior beings to the rest of the Spaniards. Less known is the case of Galician nationalism: one of its ideologues, Castelao, extolled the Galician "purity" against the Spanish "miscegenation". Maybe that explains the barbarities that some of his followers throw. As an example, on one occasion a Galician separatist called me "fucking stranger, Spaniard shit, delinquent immigrant", and that simply by writing a toponym in Spanish (I am Galician and I am a son, grandson, great-grandson ... of Galicians). I am increasingly aware that nationalism is a moral disease caused by the virus of hatred.

All my support for Cheikh Dieng against those attacks.

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