"The time of the Catalan race has arrived," Armando Marcos said yesterday

A Separatist Journalist: “The Supremacy of the Catalan Race Is Respected in the World”

The supporters of the Catalan separatist cause have been making astonishing statements on social media for some time now. This weekend it was one of them, the journalist Armando Marcos Placeres.

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He attributes to racial motives the persecution against the perpetrators of the separatist coup

This veteran Canarian journalist was press officer of the first autonomous government of the Canary Islands and held the position of director of the now defunct public radio station Radiocadena Española. At 70 years old, he shows himself as a supporter of the most radical left – a year ago he dedicated a fond farewell to the dictator Fidel Castro – and now he is supporting Catalan separatism from the view of Canarian socialist separatism. So far nothing that comes out of the usual in the ranks of the Spanish far-left. But most surprising came Saturday night to Sunday, when Armando Marcos wrote a tweet affirming the “supremacy of the Catalan race” and attributing to that fact the persecution of the authors of the separatist coup in Catalonia:

Given the signs of stupefaction and criticism received, far from rectifying, this Sunday at noon Marcos insisted on his speech, announcing: “The time of the Catalan race has arrived.”

He has published two tweets in Spanish, Catalan and English of the two messages, perhaps so that his supremacist nonsense reaches more people, although at the moment he has not had much success, beyond the criticism he is receiving on social networks.

The racist origins of Catalan nationalism

It should be noted that the concept of “Catalan race” is not an occurrence of Armando Marcos: it was invented by the Catalan nationalists in the 19th century. Several separatist media and politicians have been identifying the Spaniards with Africans and Jews, while presenting the Catalans as members of the Germanic race. In the 1930s these statements were expressed in openly anti-Semitic slogans such as those launched by the Catalan Nationalist Party (PNC), formed by former members of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Republican Left of Catalonia, ERC) and the Estat Català (Catalan State), which in turn was already making racist propaganda. Catalan nationalism has continued to launch racist proclamations in more recent dates, and has combined them with a message of contempt for the Andalusians and, in general, for the rest of the Spaniards.

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