A leftist digital newspaper manipulates to present the attacked as aggressor

Radical Feminists with Torches Insult, Harass and Assault a Teacher in Valladolid (Spain)

Last Saturday, leftist groups convoked a demonstration in the city of Valladolid "against machismo violence" that ended, paradoxically, in an exhibition of feminist violence.

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A video that demonstrates the opposite that the media that published it

Upon arriving at the Spain Square, a group of several dozen left-wing demonstrators - some holding torches and holding a banner of the anti-capitalist group "Liza Assembly of Combative Women" - broke away from the main demonstration, heading to Portugalete Square, before the Cathedral. According to the leftist newspaper "Último Cero", "an individual has rebuked and insulted the reader of the statement and the rest of the protesters". That digital newspaper has published a video in which the individual in question is not seen insulting; rather, the feminists insult, harass and finally give him several pushes:

They launched neonazi-style threats and homophobic insults against the professor

Instead of letting himself be beaten, man has confronted feminists. In the video, the protesters are clearly shouting "machito, pardillo, tu boca en el bordillo" ("machito, linnet, your mouth on the curb", a motto that "Último Zero" omits in its chronicle and that makes reference to a cowardly neo-Nazi murder appeared in the film "American History X", in which it is a black man who is killed in this way). They have also launched shouts like "gilipollas, muérete" ("asshole, die") and "maricón" ("fag"), insults uttered by a man who participated in the feminist march, which are perfectly heard in the video but also omitted in his chronicle "Último Zero." As seen in the video, a young man accompanying the assaulted has tried to record the scene, but one of the protesters has tried to prevent the recording (see from the second 0:40). Finally, three agents of the Spanish National Police had to go to protect him from the mob.

The manipulations of 'Último Cero' to present the attacked as aggressor

Yesterday Último Cero went a step further indicating with name and surnames the identity of the assaulted , calling him "machoist" and saying that he is a professor at the University of Valladolid. After omitting any reference to the insults and threats launched by the protesters, the leftist newspaper accuses the assaulted one of a "provocative first and violent attitude later". It is more: in this second news that newspaper adds something that had not said in the first one, and it says it a couple of times: that the professor "attacked the women". And it is based on this to launch that accusation: "It even came to physical contact and snatched the wool hat to one of the girls, as recorded in the video recorded by Último Cero." Indeed, that fact is seen in the second 0:16 of the video. What "Último Cero" does not say is that the protester in the cap is seen pushing the teacher several times before he removes the cap, in the second 0:11 and following.

In the Twitter account of "Liza Assembly of Combative Women" and in their Facebook profile they have not made any mention of these facts.

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