The Spanish political class demonstrates its deep crisis in the matter of values

Spanish Congress Urges to Unprotect Unborn Children and a Day Later It Protects Pets

One day they call “right” to kill and dismember human beings to be born and the next day they rush to protect the pets. It has happened in Spain, in the Congress of Deputies.

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A bill of Podemos to leave even more unborn children

The day before yesterday, the Equality Commission of the Congress voted a non-law bill of Unidos Podemos (see PDF, page 46), in which it was requested to modify the Abortion Law of 2010 to repeal the mini-reform made in 2015 by the Popular Party (PP) so that the minors could not have an abortion without their parents’ permission. Podemos proposed a series of measures to shield the cataloging of abortion as a “right” and restrict the objection of the conscience of health personnel. In addition, Podemos claimed that Spain strives to promote abortion in other countries.

A review of the proposed measures reveals the goal of Podemos: unprotect even more unborn children, even more than they already are because of a law promoted by the Socialist Party (PSOE) and maintained by the PP, in an open breach of the electoral promises made in 2011. In a new contempt for the weak and defenseless, the bill of Podemos has been approved with the support of the PSOE, the abstention of citizens and the opposite vote of the PP.

A bill of the PP to protect the animals

That same day, in its plenary session in the afternoon, the Congress addressed the consideration of a bill proposed by the Popular Parliamentary Group (PP) to modify the legal regime of animals (see PDF). The bill included the modification of the Civil Code, the Mortgage Law and the Law of Civil Procedure so that animals no longer have the legal status of movable property and are considered “living beings endowed with sensitivity”. This bill was set especially in companion animals, proposing to modify certain precepts on the custody regime of these pets in marital crises. The preamble of this bill also states that in regard to the use and enjoyment of the animal “the owner must exercise these faculties attending to the welfare of the animal, avoiding abuse, abandonment and the provocation of a cruel and unnecessary death.” This bill of the PP was voted this Wednesday at midday, and was approved unanimously. All the parties supported it.

A law based on a scandalous lie

I think it is right to take care of the welfare of pets and try to avoid cruel treatment of animals. What I find very bad is the ethical and moral perversion of claiming that unprotected human beings to be born, and the next day ask for more protection for dogs and cats. We must remember that in that same Parliament, in October 2010 and in response to a parliamentary question from Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN), the Zapatero’s government stated that “abortion does not mean ending a human life because there is no unanimous opinion on the concept of being human.” This colossal nonsense served to justify an unjust and cruel law, with which every year tens of thousands of innocents are brutally murdered in Spain. Those who have decided to leave it intact have assumed that lie pronounced by the previous government in the Congress. That these same politicians protect pets is an act of cynicism that provokes outrage. Or should it provoke it, if our society showed as much sensitivity towards the dismemberment of unborn children as it shows towards pets. I do not care if this sounds politically incorrect. The science is very clear about the beginning of human life, and I will not shut up no matter how much some people insist on hiding and even censoring the truth.

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