A media sought racism and uncovered a wave of criminality among refugees

A Leftist Bar in Vienna Bans Refugees and Says the Reason Without Blush When Asked

Last Wednesday, a weekly Austrian far-left magazine, Falter, published a report on a covert investigation denouncing the "racism" of several Viennese bars.

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The far-left media wanted to prove the racism of the Viennese bars

The newspaper sent three refugees - two Afghans and a Turk - trying to access several Viennese bars. In the most crowded area of the Austrian capital, eight bars vetoed the refugees claiming that they only gave access to regular customers, who at that time had the place reserved for private events or that there were already too many men in the place. However, six of these bars allowed - minutes later - the access of three young Austrians, also sent by the far-left newspaper. Among the places that vetoed the refugees were bars and discotheques, but also alternative rock clubs, sites with a reputation of tolerance.

Falter also accused a bar whose owner is leftist

The paradox, according to the digital newspaper Voices of Europe, is that the refugees were also banned in the bar "Beisls mit Charakter", whose owner is a leftist. The Austrian digital Wochen Blick points out that this place sports a sticker with the slogan "Fuck FPÖ", in rejection of the Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Austrian Freedom Party), a conservative formation that has warned against the risks of mass immigration and of the Islamization of the country.

Falter ended up uncovering a wave of criminality among the refugees

When Falter asked the owner of the "Beisls mit Charakter" for the reasons of his veto to the refugees, the innkeeper ended up putting the far-left weekly magazine in a bind. Falter tried to demonstrate that the owners of those bars have prejudices against certain people for racist reasons, but what ended up uncovering this investigation was the wave of criminality that refugees are playing. The owner of the "Beisls mit Charakter" said that in a single weekend has reached 80 robberies by pickpockets, and as a result his sales were cut in half, since the usual customers - and especially women- preferred to stay at home. A woman employee of the bar complained of being mistreated and sexually harassed by refugees.

Should not high rates of crime among refugees also be investigated?

In other bars -among them other venues with leftist owners-, Falter found himself in very similar situations. "If you keep a very open admission policy, the amount of sexual harassment, pickpockets and drug-related crimes in the bar increases a lot," said the owner of another bar. "Especially, groups of young men from North Africa or South Asia always cause problems," he added. Instead of blaming racism on those who want to ensure the welfare and safety of their clients, Falter should investigate why this type of crime occurs so often among young refugees. Perhaps the problem that must be tackled, in the first place, is that caused by some foreigners who do not respect the laws or the customs of the countries that host them. A problem that is particularly serious in regard to sexual harassment and rape against women by refugees, the formation of Islamist groups that support jihadists, and the emergence of urban areas controlled by immigrants and in which the Police no longer dares to enter.


(Photo: Wien.info)

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