The Irish band supports an initiative to legalize abortion on the island

Avalanche of Critics Against U2 for Supporting the Unprotection of Unborn Children in Ireland

The famous Irish rock band has provoked a wave of criticism among their Christian followers with their recent support for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution.

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The Irish Constitution, one of the most protective of life

With this amendment, approved on October 7, 1983, Ireland recognized "the right to life of the unborn", becoming a pioneer country in the protection of the human rights of the most innocent and defenseless. On May 25, the Irish will vote in a referendum on the repeal of this amendment, at the initiative of the government headed by Leo Varadkar, of Fine Gael, a Christian Democratic party that has no qualms about promoting the violation of something so sacred, especially for Catholics -religious religion on the island- as is human life.

U2 supports repealing constitutional protection for the unborn

On May 1, in the official Twitter account of the band, U2 asked to vote in favor of repealing this protection for unborn children, and did so -in the manner of cynicism- with a heart, when there is no greater demonstration of love that protect children.

An anti-Christian position of a band that boasts of Christian

The publication of this message has been a huge disappointment to many Christian followers of that rock group. Keep in mind that the leader and vocalist of the band, Bono, had declared to be a man of faith. Last year, after a concert in Colombia, he allowed himself to be photographed attending Mass and going to Communion. Years ago, the group even paid tribute to Saint John Paul II, one of the Popes who have made the most effort to give voice and defend their unborn children against the crime of abortion.

Rain of criticism on Twitter against U2's abortionist positioning

The U2 tweet, which is a clear support of that band to the legalization of prenatal murder in Ireland, has received hundreds of critical messages from fans. "This breaks my heart. I have loved and followed you for 20 years. I still love you but I can’t follow you down this road. My tickets to upcoming shows will go unused," Christy from Illinois, United States, says. "Would you deny for others what you demand for yourself?" Drew, another American follower, asks, adding: "Life is beautiful, how can you deny it to these children when each of us would cling to our own so fiercely..." From Ireland, Sean expresses how he feels: "So disappointed. A fan since the release of the single 'Fire' back in the day. I'm pro choice as I believe God is. All our choices are our choices and should be freely made But to support abortion?? And this coming from such a Life loving, Life giving band." From Mexico, Rodrígo tells them: "Pretty disappointed of you guys", and when someone asks him why, he adds: "Because they promote Christian values and this doesn’t seem one in any way ..."

"Why do you want to stop the heartbeat of the unborn baby?"

An Irish follower reminds them of the title of one of their songs: "U2 " two hearts beat as one" Why do you want to stop the unborn baby's heart from beating ?" From the United States, Bert asks them: "please get back to promoting peace and bringing awareness to real injustices. This is not a woman’s choice issue, but a choice for ending a life or not!" From Kansas, Dave points out: "For real? Dead kids can’t buy your records or go to your shows." Rubén, from Spain, comments: "I am so disappointed. I’ve been @U2 fan for 25 years. You defended life, family and somehow Christian morality. This support is against life. I hope you’ll publicly retreat this endorsement. Life’s more important than music and fun."

Wave of criticism also on the U2's Facebook page

Messages similar to these, by the hundreds, have also been posted on the U2's Facebook page, where the Irish band also showed their support for the initiative to unprotect unborn children and deny them the right to live. Personally, I feel as disappointed as all those followers. I will never buy any work from that band again. This public positioning is as repulsive to me as if they openly supported racism or applauded Islamist fanaticism.

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