The Rector ordered the suspension of the act after refusing to call the Police

Barcelona: Separatist Thugs Attack a Tribute to Cervantes and the Catalan Channel TV3 Hides It

Yesterday a group of separatist thugs, belonging to the CUP and the CDR, harassed and assaulted the participants in a tribute to Cervantes organized at the University of Barcelona.

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The thugs, with a communist flag, called the SCC "totalitarian"

Catalan separatists had demanded the Rector of the University of Barcelona to censor the act, organizado por Societat Civil Catalana. One more example of what those extremists understand the freedom of speech. At the height of cynicism, the separatists had accused the organizers of having "totalitarian and hateful ideas", when they are the ones who trample on the freedom of speech of those who do not think like them. In fact, as you can see in the photo by Montse García who heads these lines, the thugs carried a communist flag. To this we must add that among the thugs there was a historical member of the terrorist band Terra Lliure. And these are the ones who call totalitarians the democrats of the Catalan Civil Society?

The Rector refused to call the police and ordered the suspension of the act

The act had to be suspended once initiated. The Rector ordered to suspend it after refusing to call the regional police to ensure the safety of the attendees. At the time of publishing these lines, the Rector has not yet published a single tite of condemnation of the attacks, despite the fact that the university he presides has remained as an example of censorship of ideas at the service of some violent extremists. Joan Elías can not continue to run a public university like Barcelona after her performance yesterday. Today he should present his resignation, regardless of whether legal actions can be brought against him for giving impunity to the violent and giving in to his demands to trample freedom of expression in that institution.

TV3, the separatist public TV channel, has hidden what happened

On the other hand, the autonomous television controlled by the separatists, TV3, has not yet given news of what happened, although the events occurred yesterday afternoon and have been picked up by various Catalan media and the rest of Spain. In fact, right now on the "freedom of speech" label of the TV3 news channel there are practically only references to rapper Valtonyc, condemned for making death threats and advocating terrorism. About the attacks of the separatist thugs yesterday at the University of Barcelona, TV3 have not published anything. A few days ago TV3 did report the request of a separatist union to the Rector to censor the act of SCC, a story that spread the union's slanderous accusations against the censored, whom they called "neo-Nazis and neo-fascists". This manipulation is already somewhat systematic in TV3 broadcasts, a channel that acts as a propaganda organ of separatism, with a brazen sectarianism and financed with the money of all Catalans.

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