Colau did support rapper Valtonyc, convicted of sending death threats

Ada Colau and Separatists Do Not Condemn the Aggressions Against a Tribute to Cervantes

The far-leftist mayor of Barcelona has been in evidence again today after the aggressions committed yesterday by separatist thugs, who forced the suspension of a homaneje to Cervantes.

Barcelona: separatist thugs attack a tribute to Cervantes and the Catalan channel TV3 hides it
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In the incidents, assistants of an act of tribute to Cervantes, held at the University of Barcelona and organized by the Societat Civil Catalana, were attacked by separatist thugs, who finally managed to get the Rector to comply with his demands and suspend the act. Today councilors of the center-left party Ciudadanos, the Socialist Party and the Popular Party have condemned the attack.

Colau, who did support the delinquent Valtonyc, does not condemn the separatist attack

Although the events took place in the city she governs, Ada Colau and her party, Barcelona en Comú, have not sent a single message of support to the assaulted or a condemn against the aggressors, and that after updating her Twitter account several times today. However, in February Colau did publish a message of support for rapper Valtonyc, condemned for advocating terrorism and for making death threats against various people whose opinions are not to his liking. He is also a criminal who during a concert encouraged the public to "kill a civil guard" and "put a fucking bomb to the prosecutor," incitement to the crime on which Colau has not made any statement.

Separatism is silent before the attack committed by his band of his thugs

The Catalan government, in the hands of the separatists, and its president, Quim Torra - criticized for his insults and their hate messages against the Spaniards - have not issued any condemnation of the aggression nor have they sent any message of support to the assaulted. Separatist parties like PDECAT and ERC have not condemned the attack either. Recently these parties returned to the Catalan government thanks to the abstention of the communist separatists of the CUP, who were implicated in yesterday's incidents. Catalan separatism should now explain if it is a hostage of violent fanatics or if, on the contrary, it refuses to condemn their aggressions because they do their dirty work, intimidating the democrats and preventing their freedom of speech to the Catalans who are not according to separatism.

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