With vehicles from an exercise by the California Army National Guard

A Very Long United States Military Train in an Excellent Video Recorded from a Drone

The one that I bring to you today is one of the most impressive videos recorded from a drone that I have seen so far. It consists of a single long take of 8 minutes on a very long military train.

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The train was recorded on March 20, transporting military vehicles from the United States from Camp Roberts, a base created in 1941 and currently owned by the National Guard of California, to the city of San Luis Obispo, on the California coast, home of the main base and the academy of the California Army National Guard. The video was recorded after some military exercise. The convoy carried five locomotives: Union Pacific 4567, Union Pacific 4859, Kansas City Southern 3902, Kansas City Southern 3909 and Union Pacific 2621.

Different cargoes are seen on the platform wagons, including containers, Humvees, Oshkosh L-ATV, RG-31 Nyala, HEMTT and FMTV trucks (both unshielded and A-Kit models), Stryker armored vehicles and other types of vehicles. The video was recorded by Steven MConroy and published on his Youtube channel:

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