The last abortionist left on the island since 2016, retired at the end of May

Goodbye to abortion in the former Spanish island of Guam: all their doctors refuse to kill

The island of Guam, which for 377 years was part of Spain (from 1521 to 1898) and is currently an unincorporated territory of the United States, has just become an abortion-free zone.

Scientific arguments against abortion
A pamphlet of an abortion lobby: 'Abortion kills life' and is 'dangerous' for the mother

According to LifeSiteNews, William Freeman, the only doctor who performed abortions on that island since 2016, retired at the end of May. His "Women's Clinic" will be directed from now on by Dr. Jeffrey Gabel, an obstetrician and gynecologist who declares herself pro-life and has already announced that she will not carry out abortions. The name of the clinic will be from now on "Dr. Gabel's Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology For Famalao'an," according to Pacific Daily News.

Legislators seek to limit the scope of legalization of abortion

Currently on this island, neither the Guam Memorial Hospital nor the FHP Health Center nor The Center for Women's Health perpetrate abortions. It should be noted that the Island of Guam prohibited abortions in 1990, but the measure was annulled by the courts after being appealed by the abortionist activist Anita Arriola. In 2017, 239 unborn children were murdered in Guam because of the lack of legal protection of their right to live in that court case. Recently, lawmakers from Guam introduced bill 232-34, which aims to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, in order to limit the effects of the current legalization of abortion. The measure, entitled "The Unborn Child Protection Act of 2018," has the support of Senators Tommy Morrison (Republican) and Frank Aguon Jr., Telena Cruz Nelson, Dennis Rodriguez Jr. and Joe San Agustin (Democrats). As of today, in the countries with which Guam maintains a greater relationship, which are the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (which are a Commonwealth of the United States, such as Puerto Rico) and the Philippines, abortion is prohibited.

An island with an important pro-life movement

75% of the more than 162,000 inhabitants of Guam are Catholics, a common identity with the Philippines and Spanish America, who were also part of Spain. On the island, the people belonging to the different Christian churches account for a total of 94% of the population. The island has an important and very active pro-life movement, headed by the Guam Catholic Pro-Life Committee, which convened the Rally for Life on January 28, an annual demonstration in defense of unborn children held in Hagåtña, the capital of the island. Every year hundreds of people attend this march.


(Photo: David Castro / The Guam Daily Post)

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