"We will not receive even one Muslim because this is what we promised"

The Unapologetic Response of a Polish Politician When Asked About Immigration

Today I bring you a video that I have met thanks to a tweet from @ionaleal in which she mentioned Francisco José Contreras and me, linking an interview that has made me enjoy.

Immigration control and Jihadism: an illuminating map about Europe and Poland
Fruits of Islamization: Poland is the safest country for women in Continental Europe

The original video was released on June 18 on Channel 4, a British private television. The presenter of the program is Cathy Newman, a progressive journalist who has already provoked controversy over her unfortunate interview with Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, known for her skilful criticism of gender ideology, last January.

A Conservative politician in front of a progressive journalist

In the interview that I bring you, Newman connected live with the Polish deputy Dominik Tarczyński, a member of the Conservative Law and Justice party that currently governs in the Republic of Poland. Newman asked Tarczyński how many immigrants had been received in his country, and the response of the deputy was blunt: "zero." She asked him if they were proud of it, and Tarczyński answered bluntly: "If you are asking me about Muslim illegal immigration, not, not even one will come to Poland, not even one if he's illegal." You can see this part of the interview in the following video (it has subtitles in English, to activate them, press the button that appears to the left of the cogwheel).

Tarczyński: "we can be called populist, nationalists, racists... I don't care. I care about my family and about my country"

Tarczyński recalls in the video that his country has already hosted "over two million Ukrainians who are working who are peaceful in Poland", and he adds: "We will not receive even one Muslim because this is what we promised. This foreign system fails." The Polish deputy, referring to the immigration policy of his government, says: "this is why Poland is so safe, this is the the reason why we have not even one terrorist attack". And he ends: "we can be called populist, nationalists, racists... I don't care. I care about my family and about my country."

The positive effects of Poland's migration policy

The facts give the reason to the Polish government on this issue. Today, the migration policy of Poland has allowed the country to remain oblivious to the wave of jihadist attacks that has plagued Western Europe, in which countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have allowed the massive entry of illegal immigrants from countries of Muslim majority. In addition, and as published by Business Insider in January, Poland is currently the safest country for women in continental Europe.

Personally, I have a huge desire to get Vox to the Spanish Parliament to listen to a deputy saying such brave things in Spanish.

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