In other statements he did mentions to the Nazis and to the Fascist Italy

The European President Recalls the Invasion of Czechoslovakia Without Mentioning Communism

The invasion of Czechoslovakia by communist dictatorships of the USSR and its satellites has, in the opinion of the president of the European Commission, no ideological ascendancy worthy of mention.

The ending of the Prague Spring of 1968: communism sent tanks against freedom
The president of the European Commission will pay homage to Marx, the creator of communism

Not a single reference to the totalitarian ideology of the invaders

That is what is deduced from the statement issued today by Jean-Claude Juncker from Brussels (you can read it here) in relation to the 50th anniversary of that invasion, which began such a day as today. "The tanks rolling in the streets of Prague on 21 August 1968 abruptly ended an attempt to introduce human rights and freedoms, cemented a regime that would last for another two decades and confirmed a brutal template for the suppression of dissent within the Warsaw Pact", the statement says, and it also encourages "to collectively remember that freedom and the respect for human rights can never be taken for granted and need to be fought for every single day."

Juncker's invitation to recall contrasts with certain absences in his speech: the statement published today does not contain a single mention of communism, the ideology of the totalitarian regimes that led that invasion. Nor does it mention the USSR, which was the one that showed the direction of the invasion, using its partners as mere subordinates to Moscow's orders. If someone does not know the facts to which that declaration refers, in reading it, he will not have a clue as to the ideological motivations of the invaders.

Yes he mentioned the Nazis and fascist Italy in other statements

On other side, in his January 2017 statement on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, Juncker did mention the Nazis up to three times. Similarly, in the statement of January of this year there is a mention of "Fascist Italy", in relation to the racist laws approved by the Mussolini regime. These mentions seem fair to me: the ideologies that inspired those attacks against human rights must be remembered ... just like communism. It is incomprehensible that the president of the European Commission omits any reference to this last totalitarian ideology. Worse yet: I have been searching and I have not managed to find a single statement by Juncker that mentions communism in relation to its crimes. This alarms me especially when I recall Juncker's recent homage to Karl Marx, the founder of communist ideology. A tribute that the European president justified stating that not doing so would be "deny history." To speak of the invasion of Czechoslovakia and to omit any reference to communism is to deny history.

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