The USSR was the first country to legalize the murder of unborn children

Spanish communists quote phrases of a dictator and genocide to promote abortion

Supporters of an ideology that has caused more than 100 million deaths are using the first communist dictator and genocide as a reference to promote prenatal murder.

Scientific arguments against abortion
The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries

The dictatorship of Lenin killed more than a million people for political reasons

This Thursday, the Twitter account of the delegation in Madrid of Izquierda Unida, the electoral brand created in 1986 by the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), published a message with an image of Lenin with a green handkerchief, the one used by the abortionists of Argentina in its campaign to eliminate all legal protection of the right to live of unborn children. The image is accompanied by some words of the dictator defending a "right" to abort, that is, to kill and dismember the children of prenatal age. A setback in human rights that the communists insist on presenting as an advance; after all, they are the same people who call "democratic republics" to single party regimes and without free elections or freedoms of any kind.

The Soviet communist dictatorship was the first country that legalized prenatal murder. To disguise it as a "right" was an act of cynicism comparable to that committed by others who also called "right" to the possession of slaves. Using Lenin as a moral authority to support abortion is as macabre as using bin Laden's phrases, but with one nuance: Lenin killed many more people. In six years, the Lenin regime killed more than a million people killed for political or religious reasons, liquidated thousands of Cossacks and workers and peasants (the latter for the mere fact of calling strikes). Only in the repression of the rebellion of Tambov (1920-1921), caused by the discontent generated by the massive requisitions, 240,000 people were murdered. Likewise, Lenin approved the execution of 50,000 white prisoners of war. All these figures are exceeded by the effect of the searches carried out by the Bolsheviks: between 3.9 million and 7.75 million dead by famines between Russians, Kazakhs and Tatars. It is outrageous that Izquierda Unida uses this criminal as a reference to talk about abortion.

Abortion, the other form of extermination of communist dictatorships

The case of the USSR, where the number of abortions exceeded that of births, was no exception in its ideological field. With few exceptions, the communist dictatorships have shown the same contempt towards the unborn children as those born. In communist China 23 million abortions are perpetrated every year, many of them forced. Vietnam has the highest abortion rate in Asia, a total of 59.1 per 100 pregnancies. In Cuba, with a population of 11.39 million inhabitants in 2015, 125,064 unborn children were killed that year. In practice, abortion has become another form of extermination in those dictatorships.

Nazism promoted abortion with a decoy that many abortionists still use

The communists have not been the only totalitarians who have promoted abortion. Although the Third Reich banned abortion between German women for racial reasons, in Poland the "right" to abortion was implanted by the Nazis after the German invasion, by a decree issued on November 25, 1939 by the Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of German nationality. The aim of the Nazis was to stop the birth of Poles: it was another way to exterminate them. In Russia and Ukraine the Germans limited themselves to continuing with the abortionist policies of the communists, focusing them on racist ends. "We can only be satisfied that girls and women have as many abortions as possible," wrote Adolf Hitler in a letter to his personal secretary, Martin Bormann, about Ukraine in the summer of 1942. If they look for people of the same moral character that Lenin, the Communists of the United Left can add that quote of Hitler to his campaign. Here they will find more quotes from Nazis and other racists in favor of abortion.

A curiosity: to convince the women to collaborate in the extermination of their own children, the Nazis coined the term "auswahl-freiheit", freedom of choice. Today it is used by abortionists all over the world with the same purpose: to reduce the population by liquidating unborn children. For this purpose, countries such as Spain subsidize abortion but do not offer any help to pregnant mothers who want to have their children. Interestingly, this fact was considered a war crime after the Second World War: "The protection of the law was denied to unborn children of Russian and Polish women in Nazi Germany. Abortions were promoted and forced among these women," according the Nuremberg Trials Proceedings against Nazi War Criminals (Volume IV, page 1077). Significantly, in Poland the communists maintained the abortionist policies of the Nazis. Only with the arrival of democracy were established policies for the protection of unborn children and support for motherhood, managing to drastically reduce the number of abortions in the country. In Russia, the number of abortions has also fallen sharply after the disappearance of the USSR. To this have contributed official policies and social campaigns in favor of motherhood. However, in many democratic countries there are still millions of people who think that liquidating an innocent is a triumph of freedom. Skinny favor that is made to freedom by attributing crimes such as that ...

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