Members and supporters of Vox have been assaulted with punches and stones

Success of mobilization of Vox in Barcelona despite the violence of Catalan separatists

New success of mobilization of Vox, this time in the capital of the Catalan region, where separatists and far-left have once again demonstrated their hatred for freedom through acts of violence.

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Video: This Is How the Catalan Separatists Attacked Peaceful Demonstrators in Barcelona

Vox gathers thousands of people in a peaceful act in defense of Spain

The mayor, the ultraleftist Ada Colau, had prevented Vox from doing the act in an enclosed space, the Palau, although they had reserved that place in advance. So, the act of Vox in defense of Spain had to be convened in the street, specifically in the Reina María Cristina Avenue.

Vox supporters have demonstrated peacefully and carrying numerous flags of Spain and Catalonia.

The concentration has been a success, despite attempts to boycott it by other political parties and despite the campaign of manipulation and signaling launched by leftist media.

Separatists and far-left, with stones and punches against the police and against the demonstrators of Vox

As often happens when the defenders of the unity of Spain demonstrate in Barcelona, separatists and far-left groups have responded with violence against this peaceful concentration.

As is their custom, most of the rioters were hooded: the classic aesthetic of the violent far-left every time it attacks the democrats.

As seen in this video, the separatists have shouted death threats such as "Pim pam pum, not one left". They have also made incendiary barricades and blocked some streets. Finally, they have attacked the Catalan police with stones, and the Police has had to charge against the violent ones.

The separatists have also assaulted two men who came to the act of Vox with stones. In the following video we see the emergency services attending one of them, who bleeds profusely due to the wound that caused the aggression on his face. As reported from Vox, the attackers have already been arrested.

Several members of Vox Tarrasa, including its secretary of organization, have also been attacked by the separatists. The woman has received a punch. Here we see the assaulted accompanied by the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

Vox manages to gather 12 times more people than Mayor Ada Colau

"Torra, the PSC, Colau and TV3 are complicit in the aggressions suffered by VOX supporters in Barcelona today," Vox said this afternoon. A curiosity: according to the Urban Guard, 5,000 people have attended the act of Vox. At the same time, the Colau's party celebrated another act that only 400 people attended. In other words, despite the threats and violence of the separatists, despite Colau's attempts to prevent the act and despite the media campaign against the Abascal party, Vox managed to gather 12 times more people than the party that currently governs in that city. A very significant fact.

+ UPDATED 21:17h: The journalist Matthew Bennett has made a detailed study of the assistance and he points out that there would be between 9.247 and 18.494 protesters, depending on the level of occupation of the street.

Two weeks ago the separatists demonstrated in Madrid without being disturbed

We must remember that two weeks ago the Catalan separatists demonstrated in Madrid with total freedom and without anyone bothering them, but in Catalonia there is no such freedom. Today the separatists have demonstrated what their concept of democracy is: that only they can rally. It is already time for these anti-democrats to be expelled from a space of participation in which only those who respect the norms of coexistence should be.

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