Not even a tragedy like this makes them stop their hatred of Christians

Christianophobia: left-wing extremists mock the Notre Dame fire in Paris

This afternoon many of us have seen the sad images of the emblematic Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, one of the most famous architectural jewels in the world, being consumed by a fire.

The outrageous reaction of many followers of the Al Jazeera channel to the Notre Dame fire
Feminists attacked Catholic centers in several cities in Spain on March 8 but no mosques

View of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a photo taken from the Seine river (Photo: François Guillot / AFP)

However, not everyone seems to have reacted with sadness to this tragedy. Some activists of the far left have been unable to forget their hatred of Christianity and have launched to celebrate the fire on social media, most of them using the slogan “the only church that illuminates is a burning church” (“la unica iglesia que ilumina es la que arde”, in Spanish), which they have been using since many christianophobes years ago.

View of the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral from the southeast side (Photo: Van Der Hasselt / AFP)

These types of messages are not new, and come to reaffirm a fact: Christianophobia is a form of hate as despicable and condemnable as anti-Semitism, but nevertheless it is more tolerated and even encouraged by the political class, especially between political parties and the media on the left. I show you here some examples of the consequences of this systematic campaign of incitement to hatred against Christians:

“Notre Dame, anything related to the Catholic Church can suck my balls. I hope no state pays anything. Fuck you for not taking care of it. And the third one goes”.

Main photo François Guillot / AFP

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