Hundreds of users mark the news with the icon that symbolizes a laugh

The outrageous reaction of many followers of the Al Jazeera channel to the Notre Dame fire

The tragic fire has saddened many people of different religions, also many Muslims. A reaction that contrasts with that of many followers of Al Jazeera.

Christianophobia: left-wing extremists mock the Notre Dame fire in Paris
Christianophobia: 33 Muslim countries are among the 50 that most persecute Christians

Yesterday the Facebook page of the Qatari television, one of the channels with the most audience in the Islamic world, published a photo set and a video of the Notre Dame fire Cathedral in Paris. The most striking of these two publications is that hundreds of users marked them with the icon that symbolizes a laugh, as you can see in the following video:

It is not the first time that an event like this happens. In March of 2017 there was a controversy in the United Kingdom for the mocking reaction of many Al Jazeera followers after an attack in London that resulted in 4 people killed and 29 wounded.

Photo: Van Der Hasselt / AFP

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