"We are the evil, discriminatory, man-hating dykes", they proclaimed

A feminist cafe that charged 18% more to men disappears due to lack of customers

A feminist cafe in Sydney (Australia), aimed at vegan lesbians and that created controversy for establish a "tax on men" charging them 18% more, will close this Sunday.

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Men paid more and women had preference to sit

The cafe, called Handsome Her, opened its doors in the summer of 2017 and has not lasted two years. It was aimed especially at feminists, lesbians and vegans, and its opening sparked controversy in Australia by charging 18% more to male clients, citing the "wage gap" myth, a thesis formulated by leftist feminism that, on the basis of a statistical manipulation, it affirms that women charge less than men for doing the same jobs: the umpteenth attempt to make them feel oppressed by men. In an ad located at the entrance of the premises, in addition to reporting that "tax on men", the local also established that women had preference at the time of sitting.

Customer complaints about the discriminatory treatment of the cafe

The cafe page on Tripadvisor has a majority of very negative comments. Some users criticized the lack of hygiene of the local and the staff ("it seems like the management trawled homeless ghettos for their staff and then did not pay them enough to afford soap or razors," one client says), and there are also critical of the high prices of the products and their poor presentation. But the most striking are the complaints of disdain for male customers: "Spend half an hour trying to get a waitress to come over and when they finally showed up they told me I'd have to wait because I was a "cis gendered white man" and there were women who needed to be served first. According to the waitress I'd have to wait until ALL women in the shop were served before they'd take my order, even those who came in after me. I left at that moment and will never return," a client says. Another user complained in November 2018 of the cafe policy: "extreme toxic femininity and literally attempting to make men feel bad."

The cafe was intended to "confront and dismantle patriarchy"

On its Facebook page, the feminist cafe has announced that this Sunday, April 28 will close. Apparently, the project has not had the support they expected from the public. In fact, on his page in the aforementioned social network there were very few photos that showed the place full. After all, they discriminated in their prices to a multitude of possible clients for the simple fact of having a penis, what could go wrong? As often happens in left-wing environments, instead of recognizing their mistakes, the farewell note published by the café resorts to victimhood and is a full-fledged political pamphlet. This is what appears in the third paragraph:

"When we opened Handsome Her in 2017, we expected that perhaps we might make a stir through our brazen public discussions of structural inequality and oppression. The man tax blew up the internet, an idea that we didn't think was all too radical, yet the way the world responded showed us how fragile masculinity is and solidified the necessity for us to confront and dismantle patriarchy.".

In his farewell note they also attack homosexual men

But their anger is not only with the "patriarchy", but they also considered victims of homosexual men: "lesbians are being erased from queer culture, whereas gay male culture lives on, strong and unscathed. We were taken aback to find that many people in the LGBTIQA+ community have as much aversion to us using the word 'lesbian' as the men's-rights activists who get a kick out of trolling our lesbian events."

How did they determine if their clients were men or women?

They have not even stopped to think that the fact of being repelled towards others because they are men is a clumsy business strategy. An example of this odious attitude can be read in these lines of his farewell message: "Yes, we are the evil, discriminatory, man-hating dykes who charge men more." What they have not clarified at any time is how they determined that their clients were men. According to the theories of gender ideology, a person is a woman if she is perceived as a woman, but even if she was born that way, she can perceive herself as a man. Did they charge 18% more to their male clients, making that decision based on their appearance, or asked in each case if they felt like men or women? Maybe some men, faced with the possibility of paying less, would have declared themselves women. A client wrote this complaint at Tripadvisor: "I identify as a woman but they made me pay more because i 'look like a man'. Absolutely disgusting behaviour." Perhaps the failure of the cafe is due to the contradictions of the gender ideology ...


Photos: Handsome Her

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  1. Truth

    Feminists are very evil man hating women.

  2. Lucho

    I love that this happened. What pisses me off is that the usual idiots, who think that are so smart, who follow the mainstream narrative «hating Trump», worrying about «the imminent end of the world due to climate change», stating that there is an «epidemic of violence against women» because of 21 women ((about 0.0006% of the Victorian female population) dead the first half of 2019 due to this, and usual bullshit did not make any comment about this cafe, which was clearly discriminatory.

    On the other hand, any man stupid enough to go there deserves to be treated like shit!

  3. Daman

    What is more interesting is that the government allowed this. What would they have done if a cafe had the opposite rules giving men priority seating and charged women more? they would have been shut down if they were ever even allowed to open.

  4. Fred

    Where are the proprietors now ? What are they doing now ?

  5. JimmyJ

    Got what they deserved.

  6. Carl M Jacobson

    I think that not only did this ‘business’ fail – it was purposely designed to fail.
    By having the business fail, the radical feminist ownership could claim that ‘Structural Patriarchy’ was the reason for it’s failure.
    Now, the owners can be ‘Professional Victims’ and give talks at Feminist Meetings and TedTalk presentations for more money than they could ever have made with this feminist Cafe business.
    AND they don’t actually have to do any real work anymore.

  7. Hallerisaf

    Yeah, Taking more 18 percent from men is very feminist action and fits to men-women-equality…

  8. Steven Amderson

    Woke culture works itself into a frenzy….. eating their own… par for the woke course .

  9. Grumpy

    So what they were openly doing was discriminating based on one’s sex and race, isn’t that illegal? Or is it all of a sudden okay if you are woke?

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