It also censors the pronouns 'he' and 'she' for the sake of gender ideology

Surrealist: a USA university censors words as 'America', 'Hispanic' and 'homosexual'

Political correctness has become a form of ideological censorship by the left wing. An example of this is the "Inclusive Language Guide" of the Colorado State University.

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The words 'America' and 'Americans', discouraged because they are not 'inclusive'

Ethan Cai commented yesterday the nonsense of that guide in an article published by Campus Reform. The article denounces that the guide in question (can be read here in PDF), prepared by the Inclusive Communications Task Group of the aforementioned university, discourages the use of words such as "America" ​​and "Americans" because they are not "inclusive". These are words that many Americans use daily to refer to their country and its inhabitants, perhaps because the United States was the first country in the American continent to declare its independence. In Spanish, in fact, the Spanish Royal Academy accepts "American" as a synonym for "American" in its fourth meaning. However, the guide criticizes those terms that have been used for hundreds of years: "when we talk about "Americans" in the United States, we're usually just referring to people from the United States. This erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country." If the US citizens follow this absurd recommendation, the paradox would be that they will be the only Americans who can not say they are.

It censors the word 'Hispanic' because "its origins in colonialization"

The guide also discourages the use of the word "barrio" (as written, in Spanish) because it is often used to indicate "any socially segregated non-White urban neighborhood." So according to the guide, if you are Spanish-speaking and reside in the USA you have to say "neighborhood", even if you like the word "barrio", which in Spanish is used to define the different parts of a city. It seems that the authors of the guide have a certain mania to Spanish, because it also discourages the word "Hispanic" to refer to Spanish-speaking people: "It is problematic because of its origins in colonialization," the guide points out, but at the same time he advises to say "Latin", as if Hispano-America had belonged to ancient Rome. Incidentally, the Romans invaded and colonized the ancient Hispania, but this seems not to matter to the authors of the guide. If the conquest was Spanish, bad; If the conquest was Roman, fine.

Nor can you say, 'he', 'she', 'ladies' or 'gentlemen'

The guide reaches extremes that are hilarious in relation to sex. For example, it discourages using the pronouns "he" and "she" and the terms "ladies" and "gentlemen": "These terms imply that gender is binary (i.e. either man or woman) and does not acknowledge that people may identify anywhere along the gender spectrum and/or their biological sex may not match their gender identity," the guide says. Instead, it recommends words like "everyone" or "people". This is the height of the absurd: these people intend to prohibit pronouns that have been used since time immemorial simply because a very susceptible minority does not tolerate them. But the censorship based on the thesis of the gender ideology does not end there: it also asks to eradicate the words "male" and "female", because "refers to biological sex and not gender. In terms of communication methods (articles, social media, etc.), we very rarely need to identify or know a person’s biological sex and more often are referring to gender." What this guide demands is a censure of the biological reality of the human being, a reality that is sexuated, to replace it with the pseudoscientific dogmas of the gender ideology. It is typical of a dictatorship that this is done in a university.

There is no recommendation for those who offend believers

Colorado State University also does not like to say "homosexual", even if it is a word without any connotation and purely descriptive to refer to people who are attracted to individuals of the same sex. The guide says that "it is used in an offensive way to suggest that gay people are somehow not 'normal'". This is already surrealist. Instead it proposes to say "gay", "lesbian", "bisexual", "pansexual" or "queer". And it adds: "It is important to ask what term a person prefers and not assign arbitrarily." What will be next, censor all the dictionaries, or ask us to better not open our mouths? Interestingly, the guide does not include any euphemism to avoid offending the believers of a religion. If a leftist offends you for being a Christian, then inclusiveness does not matter.

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