On the first anniversary of the defeat of abortion in the Argentine Senate

For both lives: demonstrations in Hispanic countries for mothers and unborn children

On Thursday, August 8, the first International Day of Action for the 2 lives was celebrated in several Hispanic American countries, one year after the Argentine Senate said no to abortion.

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I show you below images of some of the demonstrations convened for this Thursday in several Hispanic American countries, and also in Spain (before the Embassy of Argentina), to celebrate this day.

Buenos Aires / Argentina 🇦🇷

Source: CitizenGO / Castelar Provida / Ana Marmora.

La Paz / Bolivia 🇧🇴

Source: Unidad Provida.

Madrid / Spain 🇪🇸

Source: CitizenGO.

Montevideo / Uruguay 🇺🇾

Source: @LTangalanga / @Mllm2018.

Córdoba / Argentina 🇦🇷

Source: Unidad Provida / Redes Cristianas.

Cúcuta / Colombia 🇨🇴

Source: @lisbethgalvis17.

General Pico / Argentina 🇦🇷

Mendoza / Argentina 🇦🇷

Source: Fabián Barros.

Salta / Argentina 🇦🇷

Source: Ro Sylvester.

Tucumán / Argentina 🇦🇷

Source: Rafa López Guzmán / Raúl Albarracín.

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