Children, youth, parents ... The huge gap left by abortion in this country

Abortion has already killed more than 2.3 million unborn in Spain: they would be like this today

Yesterday the Spanish Ministry of Health published the numbers of deaths due to abortion caused in 2018 in Spain: in those 12 months 95,917 unborn children were killed in 211 abortions centers.

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The State continues to finance this massacre in full demographic crisis

The elimination of more than 95,000 innocents should be a cause for shame for all Spaniards, and also a cause for concern and alarm, as we are already experiencing a demographic crisis that will have serious consequences in the medium and long term. If it is not a matter of principle, abortion should at least concern us with a matter of survival as a society. But not even that way. The State continues to finance and promote abortion with our taxes, not only disregarding the most basic of human rights, which is life, but also putting our own future as a society at risk. It is the biggest and most chilling show of irresponsibility of our political class today, an irresponsibility shared by all political groups with the sole exception of Vox, which is the only Pro-Life party from the Spanish Parliament.

Abortion has killed 2,383,601 unborn children in Spain in 33 years

The overall numbers for abortion in Spain are terrifying. Since the adoption of the abortion law of 1985 until December 31, 2018, 2,383,601 children have been killed in Spain according to official Health numbers. To get an idea, it is an equivalent figure to liquidate the entire population of the cities of Barcelona and Seville. This massacre has been carried out under the governments of both the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Popular Party (PP), and with the active complicity of both parties, which have equally assumed the thesis of the abortion lobby. Specifying the numbers, 1,278,144 abortions were carried out in 19 years of PSOE governments, and 1,105,457 were perpetrated in 12 years of PP governments. The number of abortion victims increased by 1.91% compared to 2017. The abortion rate per thousand women has reached 11.12, rising for the third consecutive year. Likewise, 90.44% of abortions are carried out at the request of the mother. Unfortunately, we are not facing a mainly economic problem, but an ethical and cultural one. It is the fruit of a hedonistic and relativistic mentality that has finally devalued something as precious as human life is.

That could have been those lives shattered by abortion

As I have done other years, I would like us to stop to think how those lives would have been destroyed for 33 years. Let's look at some examples, with approximate figures:

  • If we take into account the evolution of abortion in Spain, about 95,000 would be babies who would be starting to walk. We are talking about a number of young children similar to the population of the city of San Fernando (Cádiz).
  • Some 94,000 would already be little children who would be learning to speak. A figure higher than the number of inhabitants of the city of Lorca (Murcia).
  • More than 93,000 would be children who would have started their first year of school. Almost 300,000 of these children would already be in early childhood education. They are years where children make you smile at all times.
  • More than 571,000 would be in Primary Education. They would be learning to read, write, add, subtract ... and begin to know the world around them.
  • Some 470,000 would already be in adolescence. Many of them would already have gangs of friends, they would be discovering now what it means to fall in love, they would begin to forge their vocation for the future ... A future, some loves and friendships that they will never have.
  • Some 77,000 would be about to enter university, vocational training or starting their working life. Among them would be promising and bright students, perhaps future geniuses that Humanity has lost forever.
  • Some 473,000 would be about twenty years old. Some would still be studying a career. Others would already be working. Among them there would already be volunteers, cooperators, doctors, engineers, biologists, firemen, military, policemen, athletes, teachers ... We have not only lost a lot of lives: also a lot of talents.
  • Taking into account the trend of our society, more than 116,000 would already be forming a family and having children. Those children will never be born, nor their grandchildren, nor their great grandchildren ... When you destroy a life, you destroy all those linked to it. Many of them would already be prestigious professionals. Everything they were going to contribute to our society has been lost.

I finish these lines, like other years, with a phrase from the Talmud that should make us meditate. I am Catholic, not Jewish, but I subscribe this:

"Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world."


Photo: Rubén Bagüés / Unsplash.

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