The Police, insulted and attacked by 'Antifa', were the first to attend the wounded

An 'antifa' seriously injured in USA after being crushed by the statue that helped tear down

The risks of behaving as savagely as the extreme left is doing in the United States were clearly exposed on Wednesday.

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The statue fell on his head as he helped knock it down

In the framework of the violent protests that are taking place under the pretext of the death of George Floyd, protests that are including a multitude of acts of vandalism and even the demolition of monuments, a serious incident occurred in the port city of Portsmouth, in Virginia. A group of "Antifa" who were destroying and demolishing a monument in that city, using pylon hammers, managed to knock down one of the statues of that monument, but with such bad luck that it crushed one of the left-wing extremists who was helping in the demolition. The statue fell directly on his head. According to journalist Alex Salvi, the man has been seriously injured. Here the video of the incident:

The Police was the first to attend to the wounded while other 'antifa' took photos

According to a witness to the events, the injured man had a fractured skull: "We could see that his skull was actually showing." But there was also a curious situation: according to Ian Miles Cheong, editor of Human Events, protesters "gather around him with their phones to film
and take photos of the carnage, blocking EMTs from rescuing him until the police clear the way"
An unsupportive and frivolous attitude of the "antifa" that could have fatal consequences for that man. The Police, who are being targeted by "Antifa" insults and attacks, were the first to attend to the wounded man. According to images shown by 13News, it was the police who evacuated him on a stretcher.

Criticism of the mayor for not ordering the police to stop the vandalism

The logical question is: if the Police were already there and were able to attend to the wounded person immediately, why did they not prevent the leftist extremists from destroying the monument? The city of Portsmouth is a Democratic Party electoral fiefdom: in the last 100 years, the Republican Party has only twice won the presidential election there. Its current mayor is John L. Rowe, Jr., that has received criticism in the media and on social networks for not ordering the Police to act in the face of vandalism. Despite this, the mayor has published a statement stating that the Police acted correctly by "not to over-react with force" But the result - a smashed monument and a seriously injured man - shows just the opposite.

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