British writer is being insulted and persecuted just for disagreeing

The J.K. Rowling case: this is the dictatorship that the gender ideology is establishing

British writer J.K. Rowling, author of the famous "Harry Potter" saga, is being the target of an inquisitorial campaign by the most fanatical left.

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Accused of "transphobia" for claiming that sex is determined by biology

As she explained a few days ago on her website, the origin of that persecution began in December last year, when she expressed her support for Maya Forstater, an expert in tax affairs who was accused of "transphobia" and ended up fired from her job. for defending a scientific truth: that sex is determined by biology. A British court found that the expression of that idea is not covered by the law, which is like considering it legal to be fired for saying that 2 + 2 = 4, simply because there are people who are bothered by that amount.

J.K. Rowling, insulted and boycotted for defending a biological fact

This was the comment that J.K. Rowling published on Twitter on December 19, a few words that were shared by more than 73,000 people and that marked more than 200,000 with a "like":

"Dress however you please.
Call yourself whatever you like.

Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you.
Live your best life in peace and security.
But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?"

As you can see, there was nothing offensive in the words of the British writer, unless someone is offended by biology. But we have reached that extreme: what the most fanatical left tries to prohibit is the mere fact of affirming what biology shows about the origin of human sexuality. Just look at what is happening to J.K. Rowling: she denounces that is suffering an insults campaign for the mere fact of disagreeing with certain pressure groups, and also she is already being subdued to a boycott on a professional level: yesterday her editorial threatened to cancel the publication of her next book because of her opinions.

A fanaticism promoted from the far-left and which others have ended up supporting

Of course, this would not be a problem if that totalitarian censorship were defended only by those nostalgic for the Berlin Wall, by those who believe that Lenin is an example to follow and that the fall of the USSR was a regrettable fact. After all, the extreme left would have no relevance today if the rest of the political map had not largely assumed its crazy dogmas. But that is sadly what has happened. Not only the moderate left has fallen into this error, but also a large part of the so-called center-right, both political and mediatic.

I do not know the reasons that led many politicians and journalists to subscribe to the idea that a more egalitarian society demands the sacrifice of fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and the imposition of purely absurd censorship. Perhaps they wanted to ingratiate himself in this way with the LGBT groups that promote the idea that affirming biological facts is a "hate speech". If they did it for that, then very badly, because the fact that certain groups have been historically discriminated against does not give them the right to trample on the rights of others and to censor scientific evidence. The claim is as crazy as if we Christians demanded the power to censor all claims that contradict our religious dogmas, alleging that the Romans murdered our own by throwing them to the lions.

If in a democracy you cannot affirm a biological fact, this is no longer a democracy

What is happening with J.K. Rowling should make us reflect. If in a democracy you cannot do something as basic as defending a biological fact, because then a band of fanatics assault you verbally and even physically, and you may even lose your job and even be punished under the accusation of making a "hate speech", so this is no longer a democracy, but the dictatorship of gender ideology. It is no coincidence, of course, that this wave of intolerance comes from a current of thought stemming from the Marxist extreme left, the same one that has supported brutal dictatorships around the world.

Gender ideology allows Marxism to impose its gag on the West

Recall that the main authors of gender ideology, such as Shulamith Firestone and Simone de Beauvoir, were communists. What they wanted was to end the distinction of the sexes as before marxism had tried to end social classes, in the absurd belief that any difference, even biological differences, makes us unequal and that is something that must be corrected. But democracy does not consist in the suppression of all inequality. Democracy implies equality before the law, and not the idea that we are all biologically equal.

Marxism has spent many years using equality as a cynical excuse to suppress freedom, and now it is achieving it in the West with the help of one of its franchises, such as gender ideology. And in this endeavor, everything must be said, it has the complicity of many, even some who say they are against communism but who are actually acting as their useful fools, either by looking better at that fanatic left, or out for fear to be singled out by it if they disagree. Whether for one reason or another, what they are achieving is that our democratic societies increasingly perish to communist dictatorships, in which one cannot disagree with the extreme left, unless he pretends to be the target of insults, assaults and sanctions.

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