He says that the objectives and activities of this party are "unconstitutional"

The Attorney General of Poland has requested the outlawing of the Polish Communist Party

The Attorney General of the Republic of Poland, Zbigniew Ziobro, has taken a step forward to outlaw supporters of communist totalitarianism.

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There is only one Polish party that declares itself "communist" in its name

In 2002, an organization called Komunistyczna Partia Polski (KPP, Polish Communist Party) was founded in Poland. To this day it is the only Polish political party that includes the denomination "communist" in its name, although it is not the only one that supports that ideology (there is also a Trotskyist party, the Alternatywa Socjalistyczna). Both organizations are purely fringe.

The Polish Constitution bans communist and nazi parties

As reported on Sunday by the website of the DoRzeczy magazine, Ziobro has asked the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland to ban the Polish Communist Party. The demand for illegalization has been promoted by private citizens, who denounced before the Attorney General that the KPP has a totalitarian program and practices, which is incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, whose Article 13 establishes the following:

"Political parties and other organizations whose programmes are based upon totalitarian methods and the modes of activity of nazism, fascism and communism, as well as those whose programmes or activities sanction racial or national hatred, the application of violence for the purpose of obtaining power or to influence the State policy, or provide for the secrecy of their own structure or membership, shall be prohibited."

The Attorney General points out that the objectives and activities of the KPP are "unconstitutional"

An analysis by the Attorney General's Office showed that members of the Polish Communist Party question the country's democratic order and glorify communist criminals, notes DoRzeczy. "The objectives of the KPP are identical to the objectives of other communist parties that exercised totalitarian power in the communist countries of the 20th century. Its members explicitly call for a revolution similar to the October Revolution in Russia, after which the Bolsheviks took power. The aim is not only to seize power, but also nationalization and collectivization carried out under duress", the Polish Attorney General says.

The Attorney General Ziobro has declared that "both the objectives and activities of the Polish Communist Party must be considered unconstitutional and its operation must be discontinued."

The atrocities committed by the communists against Poland

It should be remembered that the USSR invaded Poland in 1920 and 1939 (this last time with Stalin acting as an ally of Nazi Germany). Like the Germans, the Soviets committed numerous atrocities in Poland, with a total of 150,000 dead as a result of the Soviet occupation, including the massacre of 22,000 Polish prisoners in Katyn in 1940. To this must be added the rapes of more than 100,000 Polish women and girls by Red Army soldiers at the end of World War II. In addition, Poland suffered from a communist dictatorship imposed by Stalin between 1945 and 1989. All of this has vaccinated Poles against marxism.

The condemnation of communism in the rest of Europe

In addition to Poland, in its Article 21 the Fundamental Law of Germany also bans totalitarian parties, referring to them as those that "by their ends or by the behavior of their adherents tend to distort or eliminate the fundamental regime of freedom and democracy." In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there have already been attempts to outlaw communist parties. Ukraine banned the Communist and Nazi parties in 2015.

Additionally, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, and Poland itself have laws prohibiting the use of totalitarian symbols, both nazis and communists. Furthermore, in September 2019 the European Parliament condemned the crimes of communism and nazism.

Spain, the only European country with communists in its government

At the other extreme, Spain is currently the only country that has communist ministers in its government: Yolanda Díaz and Alberto Garzón, both belonging to the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), now part of the Izquierda Unida coalition, a party that last year included in his program to persecute anticommunism. Last Sunday, while the request for the outlawing of the Polish Communist Party was being announced, a demonstration of Stalinist parties was held in Madrid in which portraits of the genocidal Lenin and Stalin were shown, a march that had the participation of the youth of the PCE (party to which, I insist, two ministers belong). We Spaniards have a lot to learn from the Poles.


Photo: Komunistyczna Partia Polski. A rally by KPP members on May 1, 2018.

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