Message from Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki to the free world

“Today the target is Poland, but tomorrow it will be Germany, Belgium, France or Spain”

Faced with the migration attack launched by Belarus, with the support of Russia, against Poland, the Polish Prime Minister today launched an important message.

One of the smallest armies in the European Union sends 100 soldiers to support Poland
Finally a European country offers its military support to Poland, and is not even from the EU

Mateusz Morawiecki has launched this message through the YouTube channel of the Polish Chancellery. You can see the video here, delivered in English:

You can read here the transcription of Morawiecki's message:

Ladies and gentlemen:

I turn to you because Europe, our common home - is threatened. At this very moment, a hybrid war is taking place on the Polish-Belarusian border, which Aleksandr Lukashenko, with the backroom support of Vladimir Putin, has declared against the entire European Union.

From a distance, these events may look like an ordinary immigration crisis, but they are not. This is a political crisis created for a special purpose. The objective is to destabilize the situation in Europe, first time since the end of the Cold War 30 years ago. Over the weeks we have provided ample evidence that it is the Belarusian regime that is bringing migrants to the border, to transport these people then to Western Europe. Today the target is Poland, but tomorrow it will be Germany, Belgium, France or Spain.

This is the concept of organization of migration rules. Lukashenko's and Putin's pressure is already being felt throughout Europe. Each of us is paying for the rising energy prices caused by the drastic reduction in gas supplies to European countries. This is just the beginning. The dictators will not stop.

I want to assure you that Poland will not yield to blackmail and will do everything possible to stop the evil threatening Europe. For centuries, Poland has been guarding our common home. When invaders, tyrants and later totalitarian dictatorships had to be confronted, we always stood in the front line. This was Polish solidarity with other the free world countries, long before the European Union and NATO were born.

But at the same time, I appeal to all the people of the free world: Poland, Lithuania and Latvia need your solidarity and support today. Right now.

I want to thank everyone who has been supporting our actions on the border with Belarus. I thank the countries of the Union, the European Commission, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We formed alliances so that in times of trouble we could be together, not apart, to support each other, and not let ourserlves be divided.

No matter where we live, we all know this one thing: when someone tries to break into our home, we defend our home. This principle also applies to national borders, the borders of the European Union and NATO, our common home.

Let us stand together, let us defend Europe.

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