Jakub Tomasz Nowakowski fought in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944

The emotional message for Ukraine from a Pole who fought against nazi Germany

Russia has invaded Ukraine under the false and cynical pretext of "denazifying" it, despite the fact that nazi groups fight alongside pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass.

The alliance of pro-Russian communists and nazis fighting against Ukraine in Donbass
The great example that Poland is giving to the West in the face of the invasion of Ukraine

This Friday, Marcin Czapliński released a video of a message from Jakub Tomasz Nowakowski, a 97-year-old man who knows very well what nazism is, since he fought against nazi Germany during World War II in the ranks of the Armia Krajowa (AK, Home Army, the main Polish resistance organization in World War II) and in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the German occupiers, being a member of the famous AK "Zośka" Battalion, which was a unit that freed prisoners Jews from the Gęsiówka concentration camp. Nowakowski was later captured by the Germans and taken to a prison camp.

In his message, Nowakowski supports the Ukrainian people and encourages them to continue fighting for their independence against the Russian invader, just as he and his AK comrades fought against the German occupiers during World War II. In the recording, the veteran soldier even launched into a few verses of a Ukrainian song to encourage what he calls "dear Ukrainian brothers." You can see the video here (it has subtitles in English, they are activated in the lower bar of the player; I have not been able to translate the Ukrainian song, sorry):

I transcribe his words below:

"I am Jakub Tomasz Nowakowski, Home Army veteran, participant in the Warsaw Uprising. I address you, dear Ukrainian brothers, heroic people, who are now fighting so boldly for their land, for their independence, for their country, against the Russian barbarian invasion who is destroying your wonderful country.

I send you the full support of the Polish fighters, Home Army veterans, participants in the Warsaw Uprising, to keep you in your heroic fight and that you bravely repel the invasion, just like we did in the time of the German and Soviet occupation.

I confess that I know several Ukrainian songs. I apologize if I repeat some words. It is not completely correct, but I sing some of them:

[Ukrainian song]


Keep fighting, Ukraine, defend your independence. I think the help will be more and more on the side of the states, who are passive, but in the end they will understand that if they don't protect you, it will be our turn."

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