The crime took place at the corner of Yablunka and Vokzalna streets

The images of the murder of an Ukrainian civilian by Russian soldiers in Bucha

The Bucha Massacre has shown the world the war crimes and genocide that the Russian invaders are perpetrating in Ukraine.

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As it has been doing with other crimes committed by the Russians in Ukraine, and even with the invasion itself (which it describes as a simple "special military operation"), Russia has denied the crimes and has even branded as "provocation" the graphic evidence that demonstrate them.

The lies of the Kremlin have been dismantled today by The New York Times, which has published satellite photos taken on March 11 and which already showed 11 of the bodies found by the Ukrainian troops when liberating Bucha. This indicates that the bodies of those killed had been in the streets for three weeks, which explains their advanced state of decomposition.

In addition, this morning the Belarusian media Nexta published a video showing the murder of a Ukrainian civilian by the Russian military during the occupation of Bucha. According to Bellingcat in a Twitter thread analyzing the images, the crime was perpetrated on Yablunka street, at the following coordinates: 50°32'29.3"N 30°13'44.0"E.

At the beginning of the video, a cyclist is seen riding along Vokzalna Street in the direction of Yablunka Street. At minute 1:50 of the video, the cyclist reaches the corner of Vokzalna and Yablunka, and at that moment a Russian military vehicle (apparently a BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle) begins firing at the civilian.

The video shows six shots from the Russian BMP-3 against the cyclist. To give you an idea, the 2A72 version of that vehicle has a 30 mm main gun and a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun in its turret. After the shots were fired, the drone from which these images were recorded zooms in on Yablunka street. In the same video, a column of Russian military vehicles is seen on Vodoprovidna Street, where a white building is seen whose last two floors appear on fire, probably due to an attack.

At the end of the video you can see some images published by Bellingcat showing the cyclist gunned down on Yablunka street, images recorded by the Ukrainian forces liberating Bucha. Bellingcat has also released this satellite image showing that the corner house was destroyed on March 11, so the video of the cyclist's murder must be from before that date.

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