They have hoisted it on a pole on which there was an Ukrainian flag

The Russians raise a flag of the Soviet dictatorship in the Ukrainian city of Kherson

The Putin regime has not hidden its nostalgia for the Soviet dictatorship for a long time, but this is making it even more evident in the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin comes to the rescue of communism: he wants to ban equating the USSR with nazism
The alliance of pro-Russian communists and nazis fighting against Ukraine in Donbas

The latest episode of Soviet nostalgia has been captured in a video released in the last hours and showing Russian soldiers raising a communist flag in the city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine, after its occupation by the invaders at the beginning of March. The place where these images were recorded is Park Slavy (Glory Park), also known as Arestanka by the locals. On the mast in question, a Ukrainian flag was previously hoisted:

An act to reaffirm the Russian hoax of the "denazification" of Ukraine

The communist flag raised by the Russian military is the so-called "Victory Banner", used by the 79th Rifle Corps of the Red Army in World War II and which was raised by the Soviets at the Reichstag building in Berlin on 1 May 1945. Thus, this act not only serves to praise communism, but also to reaffirm the Russian hoax of the "denazification" of Ukraine, an infamous slogan that the Kremlin has used to invade that country and commit all kinds of war crimes. That "Victory Banner", along with other symbols of the Soviet dictatorship, is displayed by the Russian Armed Forces in the May 9 parades to commemorate the defeat of Germany.

Crimes committed by the Soviets

It should be noted that this flag has been used to whitewash the crimes committed by the Soviets in the countries they occupied, from the imposition of communist dictatorships on them, to the murder by the Soviets of Polish prisoners who had fought against the nazis, without forgetting the mass rapes of women and girls by Red Army soldiers, even in those countries they were supposed to "liberate", as was the case of Poland. Let us also remember that the Soviet dictatorship was the author of the Ukrainian genocide, the Holodomor, in which between 3.9 and 6 million Ukrainians died in a famine unleashed by the Stalin regime. Raising such a flag in Ukraine is the height of infamy.

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