That tyrant invaded Ukraine in 1920, imposing a reign of terror on the country

Russians put up a statue of the communist dictator Lenin in Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine

Putin justified the Russian invasion of Ukraine by saying that he wanted to "denazify" it, but he is imposing the symbols of totalitarianism as criminal as Nazism.

Soviet flags and a statue of Lenin: the Russian communist paraphernalia in Ukraine
Ten facts right-wing people who sympathize with Vladimir Putin seem to ignore

In recent hours, images of the placement of a statue of Lenin in the Ukrainian city of Nova Kajovka, in the Kherson oblast, occupied by the Russians, have been released. The statue has been placed on Dniprovskyi Avenue, between the City Hall and the Palace of Culture of that city, in the same place where the Russians raised two communist flags last week. The photo of the statue that heads this post has been published by @IrchanMyroslav, and the one you can see below is by @j_tuk_tuk_tuk.

The building that can be seen in the background of this photo is the seat of the City Council, and the building that appears in the background of the photo that heads this entry is the Palace of Culture. The Youtube channel Сергей has published today these two videos of the placement of this statue:

A tyrant who invaded Ukraine in 1920 and imposed a reign of terror on the country

Lenin was a brutal dictator who imposed a regime of terror in Russia and also in Ukraine, in which more than a million people were killed for political reasons or because of their religion, to which must be added between 3.9 million and 7.75 million deaths from famines among Russians, Kazakhs and Tatars. In addition, Lenin invaded Ukraine and annexed it to Soviet Russia, ending in 1920 the Ukrainian People's Republic established in 1917, after the fall of tsarism.

After the Russian invasion, the bolsheviks established a brutal Cheka in Kharkov in which they perpetrated torture such as scalping prisoners or skinning them alive (you can see here some images of these horrendous practices, photos taken at the time when the city was temporarily recaptured by Ukrainian forces). That is what Russia honors with that statue, under the cynical pretext of "denazifying" Ukraine.

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