Mateusz Morawiecki already warned in November about Putin's intentions

Poland's accurate warnings on Russia in 2021, ignored by the EU, and the one it launches now

The European Union should pay close attention to the warnings given by Poland, because it has already ignored the previous ones and things ended badly.

Russia already lost 600 tanks, while Ukraine is receiving hundreds of tanks from Poland
The great example that Poland is giving to the West in the face of the invasion of Ukraine

The Polish Prime Minister's warnings about Russia in November 2021

Since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, the Polish government has been the one that has most firmly and consistently warned of Russia's intentions. In reference to the Belarusian dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin and the migratory attack they orchestrated against Poland and Lithuania, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki already warned on November 21, 2021: "This is just the beginning. The dictators will not stop."

"Russia has been constantly struggling to rebuild the imperial position"

Likewise, on November 23, the Polish Prime Minister declared: "Russia has been constantly struggling to rebuild the imperial position and subordinate a significant part of Europe for years. The strength of it is our passivity." In that statement, Morawiecki had defended transatlantic solidarity, stating: "This conflict has the dimension of a clash of civilizations. Cynicism and authoritarianism on the one hand, freedom and democracy on the other." The Polish Prime Minister also warned then that the European Union "is being blackmailed with Russian energy", adding: "Countries that remain outside the EU, such as Ukraine and Moldova, must receive a signal that they are not alone at the mercy of Moscow’s neo-imperial policy."

The European Union turned a deaf ear to Poland's warnings

Unfortunately, the EU preferred to turn a deaf ear to Poland, which it continued to subject to ideological persecution for the mere fact of not submitting to the dogmas of the left. And finally, time proved the Polish government right. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Kremlin's threats to countries like Finland, Sweden and Moldova are highlighting that Poland was right but Brussels would not listen. As a result, Ukraine is suffering endless atrocities while fighting alone against the invader.

Polish Prime Minister re-releases new warning on Russia

Yesterday, the Polish Prime Minister launched a warning again. In a statement broadcast by Euronews and collected by the official Polish agency PAP, Mateusz Morawiecki warned: "This Russia is totalitarian, nationalist and imperial, and this Russia wants to recreate the empire and the Russian state in the post-Soviet style."

Morawiecki denounced that "Russia is committing genocide and war crimes in Ukraine." He also spoke about the possible duration of this war and had words of praise for the Ukrainian people: "I think that the war will end sooner rather than later. Everything depends on the courage and determination of the Ukrainians. So we should all be grateful for their extraordinary courage and bravery, and for what they are doing to defend their independence and freedom," adding: "We know that they are defending, at the barricades, not only their freedom but also the security and peace of all Europe."

Morawiecki calls for an international court to judge Russian crimes in Ukraine

Furthermore, the Polish Prime Minister stated that "Putin is a war criminal and what he is responsible for in Ukraine is simply beyond imagination. I think we should create an international court to track down the crimes and do justice again when the war is over."

The question now is: will the EU again ignore Poland's warnings about Russia? Some European politicians seem eager for Russia to announce a cessation of its aggression against Ukraine, even though its troops remain occupying even larger parts of the country than Russia annexed in 2014. Some European politicians are in a hurry to do business with Russia again, as if nothing had happened, forgetting the heinous crimes committed by the Russians in this invasion, just as they previously forgot the other Russian aggressions against Georgia and Ukraine. If that situation is reached, how long will it take for Putin to return to his old ways, again taking advantage of the lukewarmness of the EU?

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