Brutal attack on Novomykhailivka using TOS-1 Solntsepiok rocket launchers

Russia destroys a village in Donbass with thermobaric warheads and boasts about it

The forces of the Russian Federation continue to practice terrorism against the Ukrainian civilian population, and far from hiding it, they boast about it.

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The latest example of Russian indiscriminate attacks against the Ukrainian civilian population has taken place in the village of Novomykhailivka, in the municipality of Marinka Raion, located in the Donetsk oblast, in eastern Ukraine. It is about the famous Donbass region that Russia said it was going to "liberate", but in reality it is razing it, leaving it practically uninhabitable.

A Russian Telegram channel boasts of the brutal attack

Last Saturday, May 28, the Russian Telegram channel "Военная хроника" (Military chronicle), which has more than 168,000 followers, published some terrible images of the destruction of a Ukrainian village by Russian artillery. The text attached to the video stated: "Exclusive images of our military officer Valentin Gorshenin @vgor999 taken from a drone in Novomikhailovka (DPR)", using the Russian name of the said village. The aforementioned channel also pointed out that TOS-1 Solntsepiok and BM-21 Grad rocket launchers were used in the attack.

The Solntsepiok and its deadly thermobaric warheads

The TOS-1 Solntsepiok rocket launcher, specifically its TOS-1A version, is being used by Russia to launch thermobaric warheads in Ukraine. These are warheads that are loaded with a volatile liquid or a gas at very high pressure, and that generate very powerful explosions, with temperatures of up to 3000 ºC. In fact, the acronym for TOS-1 stands for "тяжёлая огнемётная система", heavy flamethrower system, because its destructive effect is similar to that of a flamethrower, but much greater, to the point that these types of weapons are the deadliest conventional explosives, second only to nuclear warheads. Using these weapons against the civilian population is a war crime.

Russia is using this type of weapons mainly against civilian areas

On March 1, the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation confirmed Russia's use of thermobaric warheads in its invasion of Ukraine, noting: "Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be pushing the limits of conventional warfare to break the will of the Ukrainian people. Thermobarics have extremely limited utility against military targets; their primary use has been against civilian areas."

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