The most recent and advanced versions of the already classic Cobra and Huey

Viper and Venom: the video of Bell offering its most modern helicopters to Poland

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the threats directed by Russia to Poland, this country is immersed in a major weapons purchase process.

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As far as helicopters are concerned, both the Polish Army Air Force and Ground Forces still have old Mil Mi-24, Mi-8 and Mi-17 of Soviet origin, as well as PZL Mi-2 and W-3 Polish-made Sokół that also need a replacement. To replace the Mi-24, Poland has received offers from two American companies: Bell, which offers the AH-1Z Viper (the most advanced version of the already classic Cobra), and Boeing, which has proposed its AH-64E Apache.

This Friday, Bell released a video offering Poland both the AH-1Z and the most modern version of its classic Huey, the UH-1Y Venom, both used by Marines aboard US Navy LHDs. It so happens that both models have already been exported to the Czech Republic, a country very close to Poland (both are part of the Visegrad Group). Bell has published this video with texts in Polish, clearly addressing its potential buyer:

This is not the first time that Bell has offered these helicopters to Poland: it was already offered in 2015. Bell plays with the price advantage: two years ago, Boeing offered six AH-64Es to the Philippines for $1.5 billion, while that Bell offered that country six AH-1Zs for 450 million.

Photo: US Marine Corps.

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