The woman was convicted of infanticide, but those groups call it an 'emergency'

Infamy of pro-abortion groups: they support a mother who beheaded her newborn daughter

First it was to call "right" the murder of unborn children, and now they intend to defend a case of infanticide against a newborn girl.

The left disguises the slitting murder of a newborn girl as an abortion to promote it
Scandal in the USA: the left-wing blocks a law against infanticide in the Senate

The hoax of calling the murder of a newborn girl 'abortion'

Yesterday we saw here the manipulation carried out by the media in various countries, presenting as an abortion what was actually a case of infanticide, in which a mother beheaded her newborn daughter. The murderer has been sentenced to 50 years in prison in El Salvador. It is a monstrous case, just like prenatal murder, but pro-abortion groups have decided that childbirth does not give a human being the right to live either.

Influential pro-abortion groups join the hoax supporting the infanticide

This Monday, a group that promotes the legalization of abortion in El Salvador published a message openly supporting Lesly Lisbeth Ramírez, the one convicted of the murder of her newborn daughter. This pro-abortion group, openly lying, says that the murderer only had "an obstetric emergency." As they also tend to do with abortion victims, the statement that links this group omits any reference to the murdered girl, who, according to the Prosecutor's Office and the forensic report, had her throat slashed by her mother, causing six injuries to her neck with a knife.

Other pro-abortion groups have helped spread the hoax of that Salvadoran organization. The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRC), an influential pro-abortion lobby based in New York, has joined the hoax from its Spanish account, framing the murder of the newborn girl in the "obstetric emergencies" and qualifying the judicial conviction of the murderer as a "serious violation of human rights."

The powerful abortion multinational International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has also spread the hoax through its Twitter account aimed at Hispanic American countries. This lobby considers that the condemnation of this infanticide in El Salvador implies "criminalizing women who face obstetric emergencies." Not a word about the girl with her throat cut.

Likewise, the feminist NGO Women's Link Worldwide, based in Madrid, has also joined the hoax in the same terms: framing the murder of a newborn in "obstetric emergencies" and in "women's rights". They completely forget the girl with her throat cut.

The Prosecutor's Office of El Salvador exposes the lies of pro-abortion groups

As we saw yesterday, the statement from the Prosecutor General of El Salvador clearly indicates that it was the infanticide of a newborn:

Once again, pro-abortion lobbyists have decided that the truth must be sacrificed for their political agenda. Just as they have done for decades with abortion, they have no qualms about resorting to lies, just as they have no qualms about promoting the end of innocent human lives. That these pressure groups are imposing their dogmas in many countries is something alarming. If they are able to support a woman convicted of infanticide in El Salvador, it is not hard to guess what the next step is on their agenda.



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