Vladimir Putin has launched a savage 'scorched earth' strategy

NASA satellite images reveal the new terrorist tactic of Russia in Ukraine

Making only very small gains at the cost of enormous effort, the Russians are increasingly concentrating their attacks on civilian targets.

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The images show the fires caused by Russia in crops and forests

The objective of these attacks is to sow terror among the civilian population. But some NASA images released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also reveal the systematic burning of cultivated land, pastures and forests in Ukraine by Russia, a new terrorist tactic that aims to destroy the country's natural wealth and their grain production.

"This is what the fiery advance of russian war criminals through our lands looks like from space. And only the bravery of our warriors and an international coalition of free nations can stop these fiery hordes which destroy everything in their path," the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in its message, published this afternoon at 3:16 p.m. CET. The message includes a satellite image of Ukraine, showing numerous red dots in the east of the country, and a link to NASA's FIRMS (Fire Information for Resource Management System). The red dots are infrared images of forest fires detected by the VIIRS sensors on the NOAA-20 and Suomi NPP satellites and by the MODIS spectroradiometers on the Aqua and Terra satellites.

The concentration of fires coincides with the front line

Comparing this satellite image with the map of the war in Ukraine published today by the British Ministry of Defense, a strong concentration of fires is clearly observed in the front areas, and specifically in the area of the Russian offensive in Donbas (in the eastern Ukraine) and in the immediate vicinity of Kherson (in the south of the country).

This noon, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has denounced: "Russia not only steals, but also destroys Ukrainian grain - in the fields and in the storages. And this terrorist state kills and maims Ukrainian farmers." This message attached these two photos of Yuriy Horskyi showing a wheat field set on fire by the Russians:

The Ukrainian Police initiates a criminal process for that burning of crops and forests

This morning, the Ukrainian National Police reported the opening of criminal proceedings for the burning of crops in the Kherson area at the hands of the Russians: "Due to constant shelling, it is extremely difficult to extinguish such fires in the unoccupied territories, and on the occupied lands, the Russians deliberately do not allow fires to be extinguished, the invaders destroy grain warehouses, agricultural machinery and solar power plants. To save at least part of the harvest, people work with machinery next to the wall of fire."

The National Police of Ukraine has published this series of photos of the crops set on fire by the Russians, noting the following: "Only this week, fires in forests and fields due to shelling were recorded almost every day on the territory of the Ukraine region of Kherson. As a result, 12 hectares of grain crops near the village of Rozlyv in the Bilozer Territorial Community, as well as a pine forest in the Oleshkiv Territorial Community, burned down. Due to the presence of Russian troops there, no one was able to put out the fire."

The Ukrainian National Police has reported crop fires in Heniche and Veliko Aleksandrov and forest fires in Kakhovsky and Kokhany.

Currently, the National Police of Ukraine has opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 438, on "Violation of the laws and customs of war", of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. "The sanction of the article provides for a prison sentence of 8 to 12 years," it said.

To give us an idea of the scale of the "scorched earth" strategy perpetrated by the Russians in Ukraine, this is an image of Spain published this afternoon by NASA's FIRMS system:

And this is an image of Italy, also from the FIRMS system, which shows the serious wave of forest fires that that country is suffering due to the drought:

You can see again the satellite image of Ukraine to compare them with the other two. The concentration of the fires on the front line is very clear and reveals Russia's new terrorist tactic. Let us remember that Putin said that he was going to "denazify" and "demilitarize" Ukraine, but in reality he is trying to raze it and desertify it, in an attempt to starve the Ukrainian people.

One wonders what the pro-Russian propagandists in the West who have been justifying all the atrocities committed by the Russians in the Ukraine will now say about this, after trying to sell us the story that the Russians were going to "liberate" the Ukraine. Will they tell us that the wheat and the forests are "nazis"? Is razing a country your idea of "liberating" it?

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