The Russian dictator is pushing the world into a new world war

Putin is following in Hitler's footsteps: we must uncover his accomplices in the West

The Russian dictator has today perpetrated a new violation of international law, officially annexing part of the territory of Ukraine to Russia.

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A copy of the electoral farce made by Hitler in Austria in 1938

This infamous decision, carried out after referendums in the occupied areas that can only be described as a crude farce, is powerfully reminiscent of the referendum farce organized by the Nazis after invading Austria in 1938, with in order to legitimize its annexation of that country. The so-called "Anschluss" seems to have become Putin's reference when it comes to appropriating territories that belong to another country, just as Hitler did.

Putin was only looking for an excuse to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

What Putin was looking for with this new violation of international law is, obviously, to have an excuse to use nuclear weapons in order to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive, arguing that he now considers those annexed territories as part of Russia, when in reality they are part of another country that has been invaded by Russia. It goes without saying that if Putin dares to resort to nuclear weapons, he will be pushing the world into a new world war, since NATO will have no choice but to respond. The West cannot afford to remain impassive while a madman fires nuclear weapons on European territory to sweep and commit genocide in a country bordering the Atlantic Alliance.

Moscow's propaganda networks in the West must now be uncovered

In addition to issuing declarations of condemnation and approving new sanctions -at this time several countries are already announcing these measures-, in the West we must begin to be more active against Putin's accomplices on our soil. Those accomplices range from direct propagandists -some of them financed by Moscow- to the more or less underhanded, those who feign a false equidistance to favor, after all, the theses of the Kremlin. Leaving aside that freedom of speech - a right that does not exist in Russia - includes defending even authentic bastards, what cannot be allowed is that money from the Kremlin is circulating in the West to buy and pay spokesmen for a criminal like Putin in order to intoxicate our society with hoaxes, war propaganda that is part of the Kremlin's military strategy against Ukraine and the West.

If Western countries have intelligence services it is for something, and Russia's propaganda networks must be uncovered immediately and, if necessary, their leaders and their members must be brought to justice for being working for a foreign power that has repeatedly threatened the West with the use of nuclear weapons against us. The free world has the right and the duty to defend itself against the threat that Russia poses to peace and security at this time, and that defense must begin by putting an end to those who are at the service of the Putin terrorist regime.

We can't stop Putin with the recipes of the Moscow puppets

The world has already been pushed into a monstrous war for failing to act in time against a criminal tyrant like Hitler. Unfortunately, it seems that we do not teach the lesson, and for this reason there has been more compromise than necessary with a tyrant like Putin, even giving up exploiting our energy resources to dedicate ourselves to importing gas from Russia, a nonsense promoted by pseudo-ecological campaigns financed by Russia.

Because of this, we have allowed Putin to be in a position to blackmail Europe with gas supplies, a blackmail that some seem willing to bow to and that others are openly supporting in the West. Defeating Putin is going to involve sacrifices just like defeating Hitler, but we cannot accept them if we maintain the suicidal policies promoted by Putin's puppets in the West (especially by the far-left parties) and if we let the new Nazis run wild, fed by money from Moscow to weaken Europe and put us at the feet of that tyrant.


Photo: Reuters. Vladimir Putin at a rally at the Luzhniki Stadium on February 23, 2022, one day before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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