They treat that dictatorship better than democrats who reject communism

This is how communist China is whitewashed by media that label conservatives as 'far right'

The leftist bias of much of the Western media is reaching extremes that deserve to be described as scandalous.

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The 20th congress of the single party of a bloody dictatorship

Today the 20th congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP), the only party of the Chinese communist dictatorship and the largest criminal organization in the world. Let us remember that it has 95 million members and that under its mandate, the greatest genocide in history was perpetrated in China, whose main perpetrator was the bloodthirsty dictator Mao Tse-Tung. The enormous numbers of this genocide include between 20 and 27 million political prisoners killed in the Laogai, the Chinese Gulag, a large network of concentration camps.

Still today, that organization is responsible for serious human rights violations in communist China, including the genocide against the Uyghur people, with actions such as the internment of between one million and 1.8 million people in concentration camps. Their attacks on fundamental freedoms are also particularly viciously directed against religious freedom: Communist China occupies the 17th position among the countries that most persecute Christians in the world< /a>.

Scandalous whitewashing of that dictatorship in Western media

Despite those facts, that bloody dictatorship, whose influence often extends to the West through its companies, which have internal CPP committees within them, is scandalously whitewashed by many media outlets in democratic countries. In the last hours we have been able to see it in news published by RTVE, CNN, BBC, El País, The Guardian, France 24, La Sexta, Antena 3, Cadena SER and many others. In those news, they omit to say that communist China is a dictatorship and that the CPC is the single party of an anti-democratic regime: it has been ruling that country since 1949 without ever calling free elections. In these news the human rights violations committed by that criminal regime are also omitted.

The same media demonize conservative parties in the West

In contrast to these serious omissions when reporting on the reality of that communist dictatorship, those same media constantly label conservative parties as "far right". In their news it is common to find that term to demonize democratic political formations, which defend their ideas by legal and peaceful means, even some that govern in democratic countries after winning free elections organized with all the guarantees characteristic of a rule of law.

One cannot be considered objective and rigorous information that applies such an insane double standard to a criminal dictatorship and democratic parties. This brutal bias leads us to wonder how far the influence of communist China reaches in these media, and if its silence about the reality of that dictatorship is also related to its hostility to conservative and democratic parties that firmly reject communism.


Photo: Ju Peng / Europa Press.

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