Much of journalism is throwing its professional ethics overboard

Xi Jinping vs Giorgia Meloni: 4 numbers that expose massive media manipulation

The leftist militancy of many journalists increasingly puts their professionalism before them, reaching levels of manipulation that are astounding.

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Italy: new conservative government after free elections

In the last few hours, two figures from international politics have been in the news for radically different reasons. Yesterday, in the Italian Republic, Giorgia Meloni was sworn in as Prime Minister, becoming the first woman to hold that position in that country. Meloni has reached that position through free and democratic elections in which her party, Fratelli d'Italia, received the most votes. This political formation, which is part of the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), is a party of the democratic right, which defends its ideas by legal and peaceful means.

Communist China: a dictatorship that remains in power by force

On the other hand, in the People's Republic of China, and in the framework of the celebration of the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (PPCh), we were able to see images of a purge ordered by Xi Jinping against his predecessor Hu Jintao. Unlike Italy, the People's Republic of China is a communist dictatorship in which there are no free elections and the most basic human rights are violated. It is a one-party regime: the CPC came to power by force in 1949 and has held it ever since using a system of terror and repression. Xi Jinping is not a "president", as many media call him: he is a dictator.

Four numbers that expose the bias of many media

Last night I had the idea to do a test. First I searched Google News for the terms "Giorgia Meloni" and "ultraderecha", in Spanish: 46,000 results. It is striking that so many media are determined to demonize a party that, I repeat, is democratic and defends its ideas by peaceful and democratic means. Next I searched for "Xi Jinping" and "ultraizquierda": only 261 results. The difference is really surprising, so I decided to test if that bias occurs in English-language media as well. I searched for "Giorgia Meloni" and "far right": 227,000 results. This is a very surprising figure. But the most surprising thing is to search for "Xi Jinping" and "far left": 10,100 results.

In other words, for the vast majority of the media, the president of a right-wing and democratic party deserves more negative treatment than a communist dictator. Many journalists care little that Meloni has won a democratic election through the use of the word, and that Jinping holds power by force, without free elections or anything like that. One wonders if many of these media prefer a dictatorship that imposes censorship, such as communist China, to a democratic country like Italy, because that dictator they do not dare to describe as such does not show the less respect for freedom of expression and freedom of information.

How many of those media outlets are allowing themselves to be bribed by communist China?

In addition, it is also worth wondering how many Western media outlets are being bribed by communist China, because it is very possible that this scandalous bias is due in part to the fanatical leftist militancy of many journalists, but I don't think that so many media outlets are willing to whitewash a totalitarian regime in this way without getting anything in return. Journalism is a business and there are many companies in the industry that seem willing to make a deal with the devil and give up their professional ethics in order to obtain benefits. The growing loss of prestige of journalism is the result of events like the ones we have just seen. So don't come crying because people no longer believe you.

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