The Kremlin joins some of the countries that most persecute Christians

Russia's international alliances test the throats of Putin fans

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions have led Russia to be more isolated than ever and dependent on shameful allies.

The most pro-Russian political parties in each member country of the European Union
143 countries reject the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia and only 5 support Moscow

The dictatorships of Iran and North Korea supply weapons to Russia

Russia already had these allies for years, but now it is finding itself in need of their help even in military terms. First they were the drones delivered by the Islamic dictatorship of Iran to Russia to compensate for the increasing depletion of Russian military resources and the inability of the Russian military industry to replenish the material consumed and the losses of the Russian army. Today the news is that North Korea is reportedly sending artillery ammunition to Russia. These supplies confirm that Russia was not prepared for a long campaign, not even an eight-month campaign, and that Putin underestimated Ukraine's ability to resist.

A strategy to generate instability and divert resources from the West

In addition to sending weapons, Putin's allies seem willing to generate more instability in the world by initiating new military actions, perhaps in a way to divert resources from the West that could be used to help Ukraine. Today they made news new North Korean missile launches against waters near South Korea, the most serious to date, to the point that South Korean defenses have been forced to respond reciprocally for the first time since 1953. Let us remember that there is an important US military contingent in South Korea, which serves as a reinforcement to South Korea against possible hostile actions by the North Korean dictatorship.

On the other hand, in the last hours intelligence reports warning of a possible military attack by Iran against Iraq and Saudi Arabia, countries where there are also US forces. Again, and as in the case of Korea, we would also be facing a diversionary maneuver by Tehran to help its Russian allies, subtracting US resources from Ukraine.

This distraction strategy could also include the recent provocations by the Belarusian dictatorship against Ukraine and threats by communist China against Taiwan, in the vicinity of which There has been a military escalation of the Xi Jinping dictatorship for months, parallel to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For China, the drawback of a possible aggression against Taiwan is that the Jinping communist dictatorship could lose its access to Western markets, but the temptation to carry out this aggression is very real and feeds , to a large extent, from the weakness that the current US president, Joe Biden, has been exhibiting.

Putin's international allies: a club made up of dictatorships

What this scenario exposes, facing the West, is the kind of allies that Russia has, all of them dictatorships: North Korea, Iran, Belarus, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria, Vietnam, Eritrea and Laos are countries governed by totalitarian or authoritarian regimes, in which human rights are violated and disagreeing with the government can land you in prison. For many Putin supporters in the West, such alliances are a test of their gulps. In the case of the far left, those gulps have proven to be enormous: they have never minded supporting the worst dictatorships because the The majority are communists, and they also have no problem supporting a regime that brutally discriminates against women, such as Iran, since the feminism of the extreme left is basically anti-Western and forgives everything to Islam.

It's harder for Putin's supporters on the right and far right. It's one thing to use "globalism" as a wild card to cover up Russian aggression against Ukraine and the invaders' atrocities against Ukraine. the Ukrainian civilian population, and it is quite another to have to applaud the communist dictatorships and the Iranian ayatollahs because they are allies of Putin.

Among Russia's allies are some of the countries that most persecute Christians

The Kremlin's propaganda networks are putting great pressure on those right-wingers who have been swallowing their lies so far. Will those who saw Moscow as a "Third Rome" now support the Islamic dictatorship of Iran and the communist dictatorships? Let us remember that according to the latest report by the Christian NGO Open Doors, there are six communist dictatorships among the countries that most persecute Christians, and the six are Russia's allies: North Korea (rank 2), Eritrea (6), China (17), Vietnam (19), Laos (26), and Cuba (37). Likewise, Iran ranks number 9. Let's see what Putin's fans surprise us with to cover up what their evil allies are doing.


Photo: Image of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on April 25, 2019.

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